An Utterly Breathtaking Prayformance!

Friday November 27th 2015

Dan Rubin and his brother Josh invited us to sushi after prayformance tonight. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to! I made myself up especially pretty so Dan would have something beautiful to work with. I didn’t know, but it would be the last time we’d see him! He comes to see us prayform more than anyone in the entire world.

“Hi Thoth.” someone said on the subway. He recognized him from performing in the park years ago and even asked if he still had the foot drum. It’s cool when that happens. I wonder if that will ever happen to me. The park was bustling with people, but there were no break dancers and no performers in the tunnel. Usually the family that plays before us is there. Something had happened, but we had no idea what. We set up and Dan arrived. Since we were there early, Dan and I had plenty of time to take pictures around the Angel Fountain.  _IGP5994 _IGP5997 _IGP6003 _IGP6011 _IGP6022 _IGP6026 _IGP6077a

Dan brought his good tape recorder and recorded the prayformance. When we began playing, we had the most ginormous crowd circling us. They clapped appreciatively when we finished “Anya.” It was the start of a great prayformance, one of the best we’d had at the tunnel. On days like this, when audiences are super focused and attuned to us, I feel like we’re performing in a theatre. That’s what makes us so energetic. Our energy was out the roof for the entire 2 hours. I was actually hot, but it was unusually balmy for the end of November, 63 degrees._IGP6174 _IGP6233 _IGP6309

For the rest of the prayformance we had big, BIG audiences. “KIshan told me what happened with the break dancers.” Thoth told me. He said a few of them had put down a bag near a large group of kids earlier at the Bandshell and yelled “Bomb! Bomb!” and ran away. All the kids ran and people called the police. Now the break dancers are wanted for terrorism or something! Isn’t that nuts?! Makes sense they would be that stupid. Vlad came to watch us. Two girls sat on the pillar in front and watched all of the opera. They threw us a nice tip when they had to leave and I handed them a CD. “Do you know us?” I asked. “A friend told us to come see you.” they said. “We’d been looking forward to it for a while.” they said. I always know someone knows us if they sit for a long time. Near the end, after “Tango,” a pair of twins were so into our music and lathered us with praise. “You come straight from your hearts.” one said. “We were mesmerize and entranced.” the other said. I told them I was a twin and their eyes lit up and they smiled from ear to ear. A woman approached me with her family saying how much she loved the show. “I read your blog. It’s so positive.” she said. A couple who had seen us a year prior sat and watched for a long while, too. Another man who had seen Thoth 15 years ago said, “I really love the duo.”

_IGP6398Paul was there in the corner. Thoth talked with him while we packed up and then Vlad, Dan, Josh, me and Thoth walked to sushi on 72nd and B’Way. My sister called and said she loves my vlog. “I don’t like reading so it’s nice to watch a little video and see how you’re doing.” she said.. I’m glad! We had a great time and the sushi was delicious. Dan and Josh treated us. We said goodbye to Josh on the subway and Dan and Vlad went into the station with us. Dan gave us a gift. I was so touched. “You can add up all the times I’ve been to see you.” he said. I told him how much we appreciate his support of our work. He knows that, but I love telling him. We are so blessed. We’re leaving the city in 3 days.



4 thoughts on “An Utterly Breathtaking Prayformance!

  1. Rona Wronker

    Glad you had such a great Prayformance, but please clarify: ” I didn’t know, but it would be the last time we’d see him! ” Did something happen to Dan after that, or do you just mean it’s the last time until next time you are back in NY? I’m kind of concerned. I only met Dan once, but he seems like a great guy, and I just want to know he’s OK.

    1. la Post author

      Aww! No! Dan is fine. I didn’t know it would be the the last time we’d see him until next year!

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