Thanks Giving Prayformance

Thursday November 26th 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! 
IMG_20151126_200416 IMG_20151126_200340We always play at the Angel Tunnel on Thanksgiving day. It can be the best day of the year for us.

I had a profound realization today. It doesn’t matter what people think of us. Not everyone is going to like our music. It’s not for everyone. That’s ok. We’re not hurting anyone. They can move onto something else. We don’t force anyone to listen to us. We are doing what feels good to us. Tribal Baroque started out of necessity, in a way. Thoth needed help. His body was struggling and he needed some support. He first started performing alone out of necessity, too. His band had broken up and he still wanted to perform, so he continued alone. He did what felt right to him. People have a reaction to it. Some are mesmerized, some are confused, some don’t care, and others hate it. The latter two I don’t understand why, but to each to his own. Thoth mentioned we should make a list of reasons people hate Tribal Baroque. 🙂 Anyway, that doesn’t matter. If people don’t like us, there’s no reason for us to know about it. It actually is amazing that such a variety of people love our music. There is no criteria for a person to enjoy our music. We have such a diverse array of fans. Because our music doesn’t exists anywhere else in the world, there is no certain kind of music you have to like in order to love ours.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Giving Prayformance

  1. vasiliki altai

    I am rather choosy about what I listen to. I have a predilection for your music as it lifts my spirit, high up in the air

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