Countdown! 5 of 5 Prayformances Left at the Angel Tunnel in Central Park!

Wednesday November 23rd 2015

What a tiring day for some reason! IMG_20151125_143420588I had trouble getting my makeup the way I wanted this morning. I bleached my roots two days ago and the colors always come out differently. It takes some time to get used to it.

It was very cold playing in the park today. Low 50’s, feels like upper 40’s. I felt bulky and uncomfortable wearing heaps of clothes to stay warm. For some reason my eyes were heavy as we played. Vlad came to see us with the friend who’d introduced us to him. They stayed for most of the opera. Two girls came and sat for most of the opera, too. They hooped and hollered after the energetic pieces. One of them even clapped along to a piece, but her hands were muffled by gloves. It almost sounded like a bass drum. Pretty cool. Usually people don’t clap to our music. Vlad was standing near them bobbing his head along with the music. He seems to know our stuff pretty well, and he’s only seeing us a handful of times. It’s wonderfully to clearly see how much someone is enjoying our music! The two girls bought CDs. “A friend told us we had to come see you. She said it was the weirdest, most mesmerizing performance art ever.” one said. Weird and mesmerizing. Just what I want to be. 🙂

I’m going to vlog every day this week. I’m proud of how hard I’m working on it.

We’ll be at the park tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, and through the weekend, then we’re off to the West Coast!