Unusually Quiet Sunday Prayformance

Sunday September 27th 2015

It was a wonderful and surprisingly quiet Sunday prayformance in the park. No performers around. Peaceful, as it should be. We played our full set, the opera and a few older pieces. By the end, we had humungous groups of people crowding very close to us, including many photographers.

Photo by Chris Monroe.

Photo by Chris Monroe.

It was a really nice prayformance. We learn and grow every day, but especially now with our new opera. New shades of emotion are always coming into focus. “You had big crowds today.” our busker friend said when we finished. IMG_20150927_174134773 IMG_20150927_174233492 IMG_20150927_174235745 IMG_20150927_174238018 IMG_20150927_174653060

We took a walk to 59th Street and went down to14th for dinner at  La Bonbonniere.