Prayformance Cut Short by Noisy Concert on Great Lawn

Saturday September 26th 2015_IGP1508 _IGP1557 _IGP1587 _IGP1598

When we got out at 72nd Street, there was a line of people waiting to get into the concert on the Great Lawn over 10 blocks away. Thankfully, we were able to get through the gates and to the Angel Tunnel. Dan Rubin came to see us. “I forgot it was Beyonce day.” he said. “We’ll still play. I don’t know how long though.” I said.

Once we had set up and started “Anya,” someone was shooting me from very close. I was looking straight forward so I couldn’t see who it was. I wondered if it was a stranger or it was Dan. I eventually decided to swat whoever it was away, when I saw it was Dan. Oops. I turned to him and apologized when we finished the piece. “I should have warned you. I’m sorry.” he said.

We were able to play for an hour before the concert started. We had big crowds and no break dancers downstairs. Once the concert started blasting and thumping away, we couldn’t hear each other so we had to stop. The break dancers came downstairs, too. It was interesting to watch them deal with the loud music blaring from the concert. It was as if they were getting a taste of their own medicine. The concert quieted down as we packed up. We could have played for a bit longer, but we had been thrown off so much by the thumping, we would never have waited for it to stop. At least we got to sing for an hour.

We walked to the subway with Dan. It took a LONG time to get home. The trains were running very slowly. We got off 2 stops before us and got some groceries. It was a great grocery store. We have no grocery stores in our area. We stayed in our room until Jadelyn put her child Alaria to bed, then Thoth we went out to make dinner for us. It’s nice to have a home cooked meal.