Creativity at the Angel Tunnel!

Thursday September 24th 2015

I really went to town doing my makeup this morning. I like feeling inspired.
IMG_20150924_165610 I even added some flowers to my body suit and attached many of my earrings to it. IMG_20150924_144158879The longer we’re at the Angel Tunnel, the more inspired I get. I don’t know what it is about the space that inspires me so much. Perhaps it’s knowing that fans will come to see us, or that we will always have big crowds or just that the space is so majestic and regal. For me, the Angel Tunnel calls for immense creativity every day.
IMG_20150924_144002036 I generally like to change up my look up all the time, but in New York I challenge myself to do even more. One reason is that Dan Rubin could come any day to take pictures and I want something new for him to photograph. I was hoping he’d come today, but he usually doesn’t come two days in a row. A gentleman with a camera took tons of shots of me and Thoth. He won’t send them to me immediately like Dan does. That’s a great things about Dan. I get shots that night. My look changes so much from day to day, that a photo from last week is old news. IMG_20150924_144007389 I’m very pleased with my creative abilities. I’ve worked at them all my life, but namely in the last 7 years. Maybe someday I’ll be widely known for my ever changing looks. I already am in a way. IMG_20150924_144015814 Thoth looks stunning in his coat he bought in Amsterdam. He even wears his headdress when we play the opera. I have such a fantastic husband. Can you believe at his age he is still jumping around and singing for a living? What an amazing person he is. Very strong. His hardheadedness makes it possible for us to prayform in the tunnel every year. He’s such a fun person to work off in every way; as a husband, lover, friend, companion and creative partner. We work very, very well together. We are a team as unusual as they come. Who else could I would get dressed up with and go out to the park every day and perform? It takes a lot of steadfastness and courage and patience. He is the best creative partner I could ask for!IMG_20150924_145326990 We’ve put our hearts and souls into making our art what it is. We love sharing it with people. We are so lucky to be able to. When life is good, when we’re getting to sing every day, I know that. We got to sing for a full hour before the wedding started, and they gave us compensation for stopping. A beautiful woman and her boyfriend came over and asked, “Are you starting or did you just finish?” “We had to stop because of the wedding.” we said. “We came here to see you.” she said. It’s amazing to me what that happens. A person we don’t know came all the way from somewhere just to see us. A man in the wedding party talked to us once the wedding was over. “You create the music yourselves?” he asked. “Yes.” we said. “Very impressive.” he said. IMG_20150924_145432108