Fantastic First Prayformance of the Week!

Wednesday September 23rd 2015

I was able to get my hair to a desirable color this morning. I’m still unsure what color to do up top, if any. Maybe I’ll add some darker purple up there, or maybe pink, or blue. Any ideas? Or just leave it as is? I do like having white roots and unusual colors on the ends. I’m always reinventing my looks. I’m never satisfied. I’m so blessed to be able to create with my life!_IGP1124

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having with my makeup these days! I get up and spend an hour or 2 creating designs and mixing colors, and I end up with something magical on my face. It’s never planned, but I’m developing the skills to consistently do beautiful and unique makeup designs every day! _IGP1406

Dan Rubin came to see us. “I came to get more shots of the new opera, knowing you’d be playing it today” he said. I’m always so happy to see him. Him being there means we will have one person completely focused on us for the entire time we’re performing. That gives me a lot of energy. Our friend Pat came to see us, too. She arrive just as Dan did and stayed through our entire 2 hour show. I was very happy to see her, too. It’s so nice that friends and fans come to see us here!

_IGP1397We played our opera today and had big crowds. It was a great prayformance and just perfect weather. I’m so proud of what we’ve created and accomplish. Now it’s time to write a new one! Even though we wrote, composed and choreographed “Esh and Ee-ay,” the idea of writing a new one is still overwhelming! We can do it. First I have to write a story. I have ideas, but it will take time to make it cohesive. A wedding planner asked if we’d be here tomorrow and told us they have a permit for a wedding at 4:30pm tomorrow. We always get feisty with weddings. We told her if they wanted us to stop tomorrow, they have to compensate us, otherwise they should use another part of the tunnel. That leaves us with only an hour of playing tomorrow, then the park is closed on Friday because of the Pope and Saturday is the loud, obnoxious concert on the Great Lawn. (Beyonce will be encapsulating the sound space this year.) I don’t get it. Close the entire park for one person? He’s just a person! And why do I have to hear Beyonce’s voice 10 blocks away? We’ll use Friday to relax and go out for sushi. It will be good for our voices to get an extra day off.

Anyway, Pat loved the opera. She was completely taken by surprise by it. I wish I had a tape recorder out so I could remember what she said! Pat, if you read this, could you please repeat to us your experience in the comments? I’d appreciate it! Dan concurred with what she said. “We worked so hard on it!” I said. “It shows!” Pat replied. _IGP1417

Dan walked with us to the subway. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


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  1. Debb Dee

    Curious…someone has a permit for a wedding and you think they should compensate you. I don’t understand. Do performers have to have permits to play the tunnel?

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