Blocking Rehearsal with Suzzanne Douglas (Amazing Actress/Narrator) and James Lapine (Director Extraordinaire)

Friday September 4th 2015

James and Sarah arrived at 4pm for a rehearsal with the narrator. “Don’t I get a hug?” James said. “Of course you do!” I said hugging him. So sweet! James got actress Suzzanne Douglas to do the narration. I could tell she’d be perfect before she even opened her mouth. Having James, Suzzanne, Thoth and I all sitting together talking about our opera was mind blowing. “I can’t believe this is happening!” I said.

IMG_20150904_160855314#1 IMG_20150904_160858921#1 We did a quick run through and Suzzanne of course was fantastic. Great presence and projection. It’s great we have someone like James on our side. He can get these amazing people to help out at the last minute. Sarah said they usually don’t use their influence to ask favors, but for this they really love us and want it to go well. At one point, I got wrapped up in putting certain narrations in their exact spots in the music, but we didn’t have enough time for that. “That’s something for the future.” Sarah said. “You guys are amazing already. It doesn’t have to be complicated.” James said hugging me. He gave me a fist bump. 🙂

Around 9, Eric, Belinda and their girls Ruby and Lou came over to make dinner with us! They’re our friends from New York and have known Thoth for years. It’s so nice to have friends! IMG_20150904_211638884 IMG_20150904_212327237IMG_20150904_213145580

One thought on “Blocking Rehearsal with Suzzanne Douglas (Amazing Actress/Narrator) and James Lapine (Director Extraordinaire)

  1. Karla Mi Lugo

    I am so happy for this day! Upon reading this I swelled up with emotion, and tears. I have been keeping up with your busking journey and to see that you are being respected, recognized, and witnessed in your art is a blessing and such good news! Joy!!!! Many more blessing and operatic opportunities to you guys!


    Karla Mi Lugo

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