The Opera is In Great Shape!

Friday August 14th 2015

I’m having so much fun with tulle. My looks are so colorful now. I used to just wear baby pink, now I’m a pastel rainbow!
IMG_20150814_203941 IMG_20150814_203921 IMG_20150814_204004 IMG_20150814_203642678 IMG_20150814_203808308 IMG_20150814_203836802 IMG_20150814_204028470IMG_20150814_204123501 IMG_20150814_205433976Tonight’s prayformance was great. The opera is in great shape. We played it especially well tonight. Lots of energy. We sped up one section and it made it more energetic. Our choreography is getting much better, too. Things are all coming together, and this is our last full week of playing it. There’s an arch, lots of emotion and I’m much more confident. It’s taken an entire year to get here, but we do have a work now that I’m very proud of. I wish everyone could hear it. We need to record it again. IMG_20150814_225547379We went to Nood and said goodbye to all our friends. Paulo has known us for years. IMG_20150815_003704