A Lovely Sunday Night Prayformance

Sunday June 28th 2015

Thank you everyone who wrote to me about continuing to blog! I was so touched how much people enjoy the simple, straightforward way I write about my daily life. I’m really just doing it for myself, so it means a lot to know that other people enjoy it. I’m wondering though, are people able to comment? Thoth was making things more private when I was nervous, but he says it’s back to normal. I miss getting comments. Is everything OK?

It was so hot again today. We both become like wet noodles! Ugh. It’s almost unbearable. I’m grateful we have a fan. We’ll definitely be prepared for a few weeks of hot weather once we get to New York! At least it cools down at night here.

IMG_20150628_203411247It was another really lovely prayformance. A man came up to us and said someone told him we were really good. “It couldn’t have been anyone other than you.” he said. He said he’d come back when we started, and he did. We played the opera tonight. I’m finally finding my melodies and I’m not overplaying. When I’m not comfortable with music, I overplay. Tonight I was more musical and used more dynamics. I’m so excited to see what happens when we play it at Martha’s Vineyard. I’m sure everyone’s going to love it.

We went to SeaMe for dinner. I love their sushi. It’s my favorite in Lisbon. The waitress was really nice to us. “Your make up is different today. More pink.” she said. They didn’t have Thoth’s favorite dish, but he got something else he really liked. I was so proud of us. We’re doing really well. We’re going to the beach tomorrow for dinner!IMG_20150628_203713101

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  1. susangoodbear

    My thanx to Thoth for restoring communication! Guess it’s just one of life’s ironies that, if you take steps to close off all the bad stuff, then none of the good stuff can get through either. Love you guys — have a wonderful summer!

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