Dinner with a New Friend

Thursday June 25th 2015

We had our windows replaced today, so we had to work in the living room. I was very upset with my mother about something I found out, so I got on Skype with my sister and talked to her about it. My mom got on Skype as I was about to start working on my makeup. I turned on her video and we talked while I did makeup. She listened to me and finally admitted she has a problem. I had been very angry at her for a few days, so talking face to face really helped. She’s getting help, finally. It’s been too long. For those who know me, they know what I’m talking about. It made me feel so much better. It cleared me. I want my mom to get better. I love her. My makeup even turned out well. IMG_20150625_204057603 IMG_20150625_204013773We were expecting something similar to last night in regards to audiences,  and we were right. Even though we played the old set where we dance around more, audiences are similar on weeknights. 10pm is when people start gathering in droves and sitting to watch us. A guard we didn’t recognize came past at 10:15. We assumed he’d be closing the gates to the space at 10:30 as usual. When he came back, we asked and he gruffly said, “10 minutes.” We played one more song and packed up. The guard didn’t come back. The girl who came by last night, Annah, came again to see the end of our show, but we were finished. She sat with us and we went across the street to get lemonade slushies. Thoth got her ice cream, as they didn’t accept cards. She walked with us to our favorite Indian place for dinner and treated us to some appetizers. What a nice connection!

I’m so proud of what we’ve done. We’ve created a very unique situation for ourselves. It is a life I am proud to be living. Everything we have exists because of our dedication to our work.