Asking for Advice

Monday February 24th 2014

I got up at 11am. I was freaked out about buying our plane tickets to Scotland. It’s so expensive I can’t validate spending that much money. On what? What if we don’t make any money? What if it’s like New York? Or worse, Berlin? Sure, we’ll probably make enough to pay for our expenses, but can we actually make a profit?? It would be amazing if we could. I got up and tried to draw, but I had to talk to Thoth about it. He suggested I call my father to ask his advice. I did and it didn’t help at all. He went on his usual way about how we should settle down because Thoth is getting older. He’s too logical for me. I don’t think that way at all. I thanked him and asked Jim’s advice. He continued on his way saying if we had shilled out $500 for the Wedding Bazaar we could possibly have 5 gigs laid out. I got so angry I got up and left the table. Argh! Thoth called Sarah and asked for her advice. She said we should do it. We’re trying to find a new place to prayform and how else will we find it if we don’t try. Thoth went on line and bought the tickets for us! Yay! We’re going to Edinburg for our honeymoon! I was finally able to draw a little bit.