Wednesday February 26th 2014

It’s my birthday! Thoth came in the morning and made all the Babes sing me happy birthday in all their different voices. It’s so cute. He did that the first time last year. He’s going to make cupcakes for me tomorrow. 🙂 We got dressed really lazily. My sister, mom and dad called to wish me happy birthday. I got my birthday card from mom. Jim came home and I asked if he was OK the restaurant we’re going to tonight wasn’t vegan. He said maybe he should pass on it. I texted Mel and asked if she’d like to come. We biked to the park. It was way past 3pm when we started. There was no one in the park. Wednesday’s are notoriously slow. It didn’t matter. We were really relaxed. Mel texted me back saying she’s let me know in a little bit if she can come. No one gathered when we sang “Anya,” but a few people watched “Romanza.” One of the only people watching came over and asked if we sell our music. He loved us and wished us good luck on our trip to Edinburg. After “Waltz,” a older woman was adoring us. I gave her a CD just because I wanted to, but she insisted on paying us for it. We played one more song and packed up. I talked to the woman and Chet came over to say hello. He told us the crazy park ranger Parrish came over and haggled him for no reason. We made our video and packed up, then biked over to the Prado Restaurant. We got a table and Forrest arrived just after we did. He brought me a present! A gift card for an art store and some of my favorite lemon energy bars. 🙂 We had a really nice time talking and ordered a bunch of appetizers to share. Half way through we were surprised by Mel and her girlfriend who arrived with cupcakes! They ordered food and we talked and laughed together. It was a wonderful birthday dinner. I called my sister and everyone said happy birthday to her. The waiter brought me a free custard for dessert. I shared it with everyone. The check came and Forrest unexpectedly paid for our dinner! Isn’t that sweet? We unlocked our bikes outside and Forrest walked us to his car. We passed a resonant space. The road is closed to cars so maybe we could play there! Forrest put our bikes in his big truck and drove us home. He’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. Thoth got in bed and I took a shower and listened to music on my computer and drew a bit.