Cupcakes and Drawing

Thursday February 27th 2014

I finally finished them! I’ve never drawn more intricate fashion people before. I can’t wait to color them in!

I got up at 1pm. I guess I stayed up too late last night. Thoth was at the grocery store getting things for my cupcakes. 🙂 He’s so sweet! He came home and we put all the groceries away. He got food for the next few days because it’s going to rain buckets. I helped him make cupcakes.  When they were done, I had one and started working on my costume people. I finally finished drawing them and my paints arrived. I was really excited. I tore into them and squirted them out, but the red wasn’t red, it was orange! That didn’t make a nice pink or purple, so I put it all back in the box and figured out how to return it. I’m going to use my face paint until I find something better to use. We’re making salmon sandwichs for dinner! I hope people come to our show tomorrow.