So Much Better Today

Tuesday April 14th 2015

I’m feeling much better today!

When I got up, the first thing I did was see all the supportive messages on my blog and Facebook, which helped cheer me up. Thank you everyone for caring about me. Sometimes I feel so uncared for. I keep up this blog to help inspire me and thus inspire others. It’s when I’m sad and questioning myself that I really see how many people love what we do. Thank you to all.

Photo by Dan Rubin.

Photo by Dan Rubin.

We got our final check for the opera commission in the mail AND Book A Street Artist (our new representatives) booked a gig for us in San Diego next Saturday! What a wonderful surprise! How is it I get so sad, then the very next day wonderful things happen?

Sis got on Skype and we helped check over her resume and find a monologue for an audition. I wanted to stay online with her, but I biked to the bank and listened to The Lion King, smiling and waving to everyone. I got some snacks for us and went home. I worked with sis on her monologues on Skype, did the laundry and watched a movie.

Our housemate said we can use his car tomorrow to visit the seamstress, but we want to play tomorrow as well. Maybe we’ll do something with friends. I still don’t know if my voice feels all better. I haven’t sung since Sunday. Thoth thinks I shouldn’t sing until Friday.

Our friend Scott from SF is excited to have us back in the Bay Area for a few weeks. He’s trying to set up an artists salon while we’re there (May 5th-18th) but he can’t find a reasonably priced space that’s large enough. If anyone knows of something, please drop me a line. Our friend Sarah is coming to see us do the opera and Scott knows of a rehearsal space we can use. He’s an awesome guy, who is trying so hard to keep art alive in San Francisco, We’re lucky to have such supportive people in our lives. Our work wouldn’t exists without them. I’ll leave you with what Scott wrote to me.

saw you are sads! big hugs
you guys bring so much magic and light into the world its bonkers!

Love to you all.

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