Cursed at by the Afrobats

from Instagram.

from Instagram.

Saturday November 29th 2014

Another really cold day, but it’s the last one of the season for us. Thank god.

When I got up, we booked two nights at a hotel in Long Island City for Monday and Tuesday. That will be a nice break. We’re leaving the city on Wednesday. Back to Oakland for December, then San Diego in January.

We took the subway to the park. As we were headed towards the tunnel, we past one of the breakdancer groups at The Bandshell. I recognized one of them as one of the Afrobats who cursed at us last year. I smiled. No reason to be rude. Suddenly, he started cursing at us again. Here’s the paraphrased comment. “There are those ass holes that put that video of us on Youtube! Look at that fucking pink hair!” He continued to curse at us as we walked by. I was taken aback, but we just kept moving. Thank god we have laws. He’d be coming at us with knives if there weren’t any! I couldn’t believe he was being so nasty. What had we ever done to him? It’s them who turn their boom box up and curse at us if we ever call the police to stop them (which we have every right to do.) I even tried reasoning with them last year, but they wouldn’t have it. “So hateful.” I said as we descended the stairs into the tunnel. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, so we discussed it while we set up. “I filmed them last year while they were playing their boom box and had a noisy drummer and that same guy came over to me and said something stupid, and I put it on Youtube. I guess that made them mad. I guess they think there’s something wrong with us for putting their rude behavior on the internet.” I said. They’re not allowed to use amplification in the park!

A woman came up to us and said they were having a wedding. I never like hearing that. A wedding means we have to stop. She said the bride would be walking down the stairs, through the tunnel and go off to the right for the ceremony. She asked if we could move our stuff over. Are you kidding me? “Sorry, no.” I said simply. She was nice about it, though. She ran over to Miriam, trying to talk to her while she was singing, like all wedding organizers do. The bride walked through the tunnel and past us. No big deal. There was absolutely no reason for the wedding planner to bother us. Why do weddings done in public spaces feel like everything needs to stop for them? Do it indoors!

We started on time (yay) and had a pretty good day. Not as good as yesterday, despite it being freezing yesterday, literally. People just aren’t as generous on the weekends. Don’t ask me why. It felt balmy today compared to yesterday, and it was only 41 degrees. It probably wasn’t 41 when we were playing, though. We got through the day easily enough and packed up to go home. I saw a guy dressed as a Jedi with an orange light saber at the back of the tunnel. He and someone else were filming a roll playing scene. It was pretty cool. The light saber made swishy sounds every time it moved. We went home and ate dinner and I talked to my mom. She said she’s proud of me for getting through such cold days.