Unbearable Cold

From Instagram.

From Instagram.

Friday November 28th 2014

Oh my God. It. was. so. cold!! But we did it!!! We deserve gold stars!

We knew it was going to be below freezing today, so I didn’t even look at the temperature. It would only scare me. Miriam was singing along to a music-minus-one CD at the tunnel. She’s never sung with any backup before. Despite me being against those things, it did help her keep time and pitch better. Now we’re the only ones in the tunnel who don’t use amplification. I was freezing even before we started to play. Miriam’s son was still singing when it was our time to play, then she started strumming the guitar and singing. “What is she doing?” Thoth asked as we were getting ready to sing. “I don’t care what she’s doing.” I said. I was irritated! After, “Anya,” Thoth didn’t think he could continue on. We were so cold. “We only have three more prayformance here. If we get to “Plucking Song” and we’re still freezing, we should stop. We need to try. ” I said. Once we finished “Gypsy Dance,” our fourth song, we felt warmer. People were very generous, which helped. We were able to get through a full prayformance until the sun was setting, then we finished. I felt so proud of us. “That’s a record.” Thoth said. We’ve never played in a colder temperature. We took the train home and ordered Indian food for dinner. God, I can’t believe we did it!

My poor baby sister called me close to midnight, sobbing. She had a hard day at her job. My poor baby. I want so much for her to be happy.

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  1. Ellen

    BRRRR! Warmer soon! Gold Stars would be in the mail if…..
    Pleaze give sis my love & encouragement. It is such a leasing she has you! We all want the same thing: to be happy!

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