Thanksgiving Prayformance

Photo by Dan Rubin.

Photo by Dan Rubin.

Thursday November 27th 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a nightmare just as Thoth woke me up. We were trying to hide and someone was shooting at us. Weird.

We got dressed in as many layers as possible. It was going to be freezing outside, literally. Usually we don’t play at that temperature. It’s going to be worse tomorrow! We passed our friend Stephen on The Mall. He walked with us a little ways, then went off. “I’ll see you soon.” he said. Miriam was there setting up as we arrived at the tunnel. I had been meaning to ask her why her son sang into our time the other day, so I did. “The Boyds went late.” she explained. “They usually don’t.” I said. I told her these next four days were our last at the park until next year and that I was looking forward to playing. Stephen came down into the tunnel and sat with me while Thoth looked for some newspapers. He asked me what I was listening to. “Sweeney Todd.” I said. We talked about the kind of music I like. Thoth came back with a mop and mopped up the water on the floor. As Miriam sang, barely anyone stopped to watch her sing. The stairs were wet so people didn’t sit down. She stopped about 15 minutes before she usually does and cuddled in the corner with her son. I could tell she was sad. It wasn’t a good day for her. There were plenty of people out, but it was very cold. I knew we’d have a good day. As we began “Anya,” not many people gathered and my fingers and toes were painfully numb. It was horrible. I was sad. Once we started “Romanza,” it got better. Suddenly we had crowds, big ones. There were a lot of school groups around. It’s incredible we can gather such big crowds, even when it’s freezing. It made the cold more bearable. It ended up being a good day. I’m really happy we got through it.

We took the subway to 14th Street and went to TGI Friday’s for dinner. It was very filling food. Thoth was incredibly hungry. Poor baby. We wobbled our way back to the subway and went home. I checked my messages and saw that Jamie DeWolf has put up the gig for Tourette’s Without Regrets on December 4th… and we’re the featured act! “They killed it last year…” Jamie wrote. How sweet! We were featured last year, but no one knew who we were yet. Jamie says people are still asking about us. I’m really excited about performing there again. The applause was deafening. Someone even filmed on of our song and put it on Youtube. Jamie loves us and the burlesque crowd really gets us. Last time we weren’t prepared for how loud it would be, but this time we’ll bring ear plugs. Our friends Chris and Khalil are taking us this time. I think they’ll love it. I can’t wait to be back on the West Coast. (We’ll be there from December 3rd to the end of December, then we drive to San Diego for the winter.)

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  1. Laurence

    Tourettes Video – Love the audiences reaction when Thoth stars to sing and the thunderous applause at the end which was well deserved. Enjoy the West Coast, especially San Diego, we loved it when we were over there in September.

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