Some of My Thoughts on Life After Death and Religion

Tuesday November 18th 2014

I am woken to the brush of something soft on my cheek. My eyes flicker open, but the light is so bright I can only feel the presence of a being in front of me. As my eyes adjust to the light, I envision a shape. I become more and more aware. The soft feeling on my cheek is a hand. The being looks at me with such tenderness. From its back, a shimmering pair of wings spread behind them. It picks me up gently and lifts me into the air. We are flying. The view is stunning. Clouds are a frothy mixture of pink, purple and blue. There are beautiful, grassy hills and valleys and stunning cliffs with gorgeous waterfalls below us. I can see other beings flying through the air. Every color was something I had never seen before. As we fly, I become aware the the being’s eyes are always focused on me. It’s eyes have such compassion and understanding. Suddenly, I recognize who it is. It is Thoth. My husband, the love of my life. The man I’d been waiting to see again since he died all those years ago. We embrace with joy and a dazzling, glistening palace appears over the horizon, the enormous swirling spirals reaching beyond the clouds. We float through the gates into a bright, warm light and disappear.

This is what I wish to happen when I die. I’d like to hope heaven exists and I can see my loved ones again. It makes me feel hopeful when I read about life after death experiences. This life is so hard, there’s got to be something better afterwards, but how could it be? I read “Proof of Heaven” a few years ago. It’s about a neurosurgeon who went into a coma and came back, claiming he saw the afterlife. It was very vivid, and he believed it was real. My sister mentioned something to me about it that stumped me, though. “What if he hallucinated everything a second before he woke up?” The one thing I can say against that argument is that some people come back talking about events and people they would have never known about on earth. I want to believe heaven is real, but I don’t know how it’s possible for consciousness to survive beyond death. Maybe we do have a soul that keeps our consciousness going, but we could never prove it’s existence on earth. I was raised an Episcopalian and taught all the regular things about Jesus and the Bible. I have since come to know that Jesus’ real name was Yeshua. I believe he existed, but I’m not sure he was God. I do believe he was a good man who taught people to love each other and the highers up didn’t like that, so they murdered him. Human beings tend to largely ignore unique people while they’re alive, then they idolize them once they’re dead. Funny. Yeshua, Van Gogh, Bach, Poe, even Mozart didn’t have the kind of world over adulation and respect they have today. I wonder why that is. Anyway, I don’t believe God is a man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds, but I believe there is a presence of great love out there watching over us. I believe heaven is anything we can imagine it to be. I believe in fate, because I know I was destined to meet Thoth, as he was to meet me. There is no doubt in my mind. I do also believe we are in control of our fate. We are given the power to choose. I hope to be reunited with Thoth in the afterlife, because I know he will die long before I do. It will comfort me to think he is in a better place.

Do you believe in life after death?

8 thoughts on “Some of My Thoughts on Life After Death and Religion

  1. chrysalides

    I believe that we exist in some form after the death of our physical bodies but that we can’t know what that form will be. It could be heaven, it could be the joining of our energy with the ether, it could be just the absence of a physical body, it could be anything! I am both excited and scared by the thought of death.

    There is no certainty that you will outlive Thoth, or that any of us will outlive each other. The only certainty is that all physical life ends. I believe that we do/can reconnect with our loves after physical death so, no matter which of you dies first, you and Thoth would spend eternity with each other.

    ~ Alena

  2. CarolS

    We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience … we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We have been here before and we will be somewhere again. Don’t worry … learn and live in the now.

  3. intergalactichollyhobby

    I believe in both heaven and reincarnation…and like you, I believe heaven can be anything we imagine it to be…I used to have so much fear about being separated from by death from my love. As a teenager I used to sneak in his window to watch and make sure he was still breathing, sounds neurotic, I know lol but it’s because I had already lost family…I’ve been with him since I was 12 when we were in 8th grade and I’ll turn 40 this year and can’t imagine breathing without him…but I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of death being, as Ram Das puts it, perfectly safe. I believe we continue and are always reunited with our loved ones…

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