Oyster Bar

Monday September 29th 2014

We cuddled together when I woke up. I had a good sleep. We got dressed and went to the Oyster Bar to get lobster. We were disappointed to find they didn’t have chilled lobster, so I got a caesar salad with shrimp and crab meat. It wasn’t very good so I set it back and got a lobster cocktail instead. Much better. Thoth got a steamed lobster and was very happy with his meal. The couple next to us didn’t talk to each other the entire meal. When we finished, we walked towards 35th Street and stopped in an H&M where I bought a few floral tops and a new dress. I went in the library to use the bathroom and we walked to The Feather Place. They only sold the kind of feathers I wanted in bulk, but the owner gave me two baby pink ones for free! I was very happy. I stuck them in my top knot and kissed Thoth goodbye. He went home and I walked towards 7th Avenue. I passed a place called B&Q Trim and went inside. They had tons of feathers, rhinestones, trims and fake flowers. I bought some flowers to pin to my bra and went home on the train. It was starting to rain. At home, I tried on my new clothes and relaxed until we got hungry again. I went out and got Thoth some spare ribs at the Chinese take out place and got myself a grilled cheese at the bodega. A man was gesturing to his girlfriend in the store and accidentally hit me in the stomach. It hurt. I told Thoth when I got home. It makes him sad for me. He’s very protective. I ate and chilled out until bedtime.