Better Day then We Expected!

Saturday September 27th 2014

Today's look.

Today’s look.

I was really hungry when I woke up. (We usually don’t eat before prayformance.) I had to do my makeup twice because I messed up the first time. I hate when that happens. I did something easy, and put my hair up with a feather. I really liked how it looked. My hair is so fluffy and soft and long(ish). I think baby pink suits me best of any hair color. I used some of the flowery buttons a fan named Susan gave me. Thank you Susan! I love getting new buttons! I brought my iPod on the subway and listened to Cirque Du Soleil’s “La Nouba.” I love listening to music in public. It takes me into another world. I don’t do it as much as I used to. I was sure it was going to be a chaotic, noisy day in the park. At first, it seemed some break dancers were downstairs performing, but they left after a little bit. They didn’t even play a boom box. A performance couple and their little girl came specifically to see us. The wife brought us blueberry chia. I ate mine right away. I was hungry! They sat next to us in the wings and ate lunch while waiting. Katharine, the violist who plays with the Boyds, came over and said hello. We’re going to her place in Brooklyn tomorrow night for dinner. She really likes what we do.

Miriam, the opera singer, was a tad late to the tunnel, but she arrived soon enough. We set up. I was sure the big, noisy concert on the Great Lawn would start soon, but it didn’t. When Miriam finished, she came over and chatted with us before leaving. “Have a good performance.” she said. We got a nice amount of quiet before the concert started. The Great Lawn was miles away, but we could hear it like it was right above us! The subwoofer hurt my ears it was so loud. Disgusting! Imagine what the people who were there were feeling! What gives them the right to blast their music so loud and hurt people? People can hear our voices from far away, but it doesn’t hurt them. We decided to pack up because we have one more day of singing tomorrow. We began walking out of the park. A group of break dancers walked by us and all reached out to shake Thoth’s hand. They all knew him and he knew them. “This is my wife.” Thoth would say. They shook my hand, too.



On the way to the subway, I needed to take my bells off. I sat down next to a drain. When I untied the second set of bells, it immediately slipped down into the drain. “Oh no!” I said. “Now I don’t have bells. Shit!” “When we get home, you have to order some new ones immediately.” Thoth said. “It’ll take days for them to get here.” I said. We walked to the subway. I walked ahead, feeling sad. “I love my girl. I love her. It’s ok.” Thoth said comforting me. “I feel stupid. I hate loosing things.” I said. We took the train near our apartment and went to our favorite restaurant on the block. We sat in the back. It was happy hour so we got margaritas. (Mine was non-alcoholic.) I felt better. We were both very happy and grateful the day worked out much better then we expected. Things are going so well. When we got home, I immediately ordered new bells with expedited shipping. Hopefully they’ll get here before we go out to prayform on Wednesday! Thoth napped beside me while I worked on my computer. Adam, part of the performance couple who came to see us today, wrote to us.

Hi Thoth and Lila, Adam here, the male half of Celtic for Hire. Today’s prayformance was incredible. Truly incredible. The two of you pour all of your passions, your strengths, your hearts into every movement, every note, and every subtle little detail and it really comes through to the audience. What struck me the most was the sheer level of technical ability that both of you have. Your mastery of your instruments, rhythm, and kinetic expression absolutely blew me away. I’ve been all over the place, seen all manner of performance, but never have I been so thunderstruck. You’re inspirational. I’ve been struggling recently with finding my way, facing a challenge from my wife to find what it is that makes me happy, and seeing the two of you out there today forced me to consider that music might very well be it. Your passion was both genuine and infectious, and I loved every moment of experiencing it. I only wish Alaria hadn’t melted down on us so we could’ve stayed for the whole prayformance. There will be others, in the future, I’m sure, and I’m excitedly looking forward. Thank you both for doing what you do. Thank you for putting your energy and your music and your movement and life out there for the world to absorb. Thank you for every lifegiving moment.