Sunday August 24th 2014

Photo by Dan Rubin NYC 2013

Today we packed up and moved into a new place in Leith (that’s on the shore of Edinburgh,) went grocery shopping, had a Skype interview for our show in Martha’s Vineyard on August 30th and Skyped with our friend Sal who’s setting up our Indigogo page  for a new film he’s making about us (which drops TODAY). Stress and excitement galore!


That my journal documenting the year I met Thoth is found and returned to me.
That every sketch book I’ve ever made is found and returned to me.
That we’re able to afford to hire our musician/actor/circus performer friends to tour with us.
That we write a full length opera around our music and tour beautiful small opera houses, churches and beautiful resonant spaces with it.
That we make a full length documentary about our lives with scenes of all our pieces.
That a park ranger is instated at Bethesda Terrace to keep the break dancers away permanently.
That Douglas Blonsky takes a stand against obnoxiously loud and amplified music at Bethesda Terrace in New York.
That we have a beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side where we can live whenever we visit New York.
That we get invited to perform at artistic parties all over Manhattan.
That we are flown to exotic cities to prayform at events.
That every disease is cured and humans can live a long and healthy life.
That the collective consciousness of humanity shifts away from greed and fear to generosity and love.
That we never face grief and sadness again.
That my sister meets a beautiful man like Thoth who can truly love and support her.
That we can prayform whenever we want in beautiful churches and venues all over the world.
That we can share our prayformance with people in 3rd world countries, like Africa, India and South America.
That we have enough money to take care of people we love.
That our music can inspire a person to live when they were thinking of ending their life.
That we can help people with our music for as long as we’re alive.
That we are surrounded by a large, loving community of friends and we are never lonely.
That we have private homes all over the world where we can invite people for intimate prayformance house concerts and have rooms for people to stay.
That there is no more injustice in the world.
That no person, especially children, ever suffer.
That we are protected everywhere we travel.
That there is no more meanness or cruelty in the world.
That I have a successful blog that thousands of people read.
That we get to go to Japan, especially Harajuku and I can buy all the amazing fashion.
That I have a closet full of cute dresses and shoes and hair color and makeup that I don’t have to abandon every several months.
That buskers are more respected.


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