Thursday August 21st 2014

by Dan Rubin

Photo by Dan Rubin NYC 2013

He responds to Bunny, my pet name for him.
He makes a cute little face when he’s being sarcastic. We call it Bunny Face.
He calls me Muffin, Dollie, sweetie, Sveetie Boompie, and Young Lady.
He has a stuffed animal named Bibi.
Every night, he jumps in bed and plays with the Babes (two small stuffed animals we travel with named Bunny and Bibi.)
He makes Bibi hump my face and Bunny squirm over me.
He snuggles with me every night and when I wake up in the morning.
I can always wake him up when I have a nightmare and he comforts me.
He puts down anything he’s doing and hugs me when I want.
He never demands anything of me.
He always tells me if I’ve done something that bothers him.
He cooks amazing, restaurant quality meals for me.
He always does little things to show he loves me, like buying me treats at the grocery store.
He’ll come with me to a show even if he doesn’t really want to because he wants to keep me company.
He never crowds me or tells me what to do.
He’s a deeply emotional person and doesn’t judge me when I get really sad.
He kisses me awake in the sweetest way.
Despite his age, he has a beautiful body.
He has never pressured me to have sex and never will.
He’s incredibly self motivated and creative.
He has inspired me to be more creative and try new things.
He has made it possible for me to travel all over the world and play music.
He has shown me how to create original music.
He has shown me it’s ok to be yourself.
He has taught me to be a warrior.
He has embraced me for who I am.
He never judges me.
He demonstrates resilience and patience in difficult circumstances.
He is easy to travel with.
He is extremely protective of me.
He shows me you can still be creative when you get older.
We have fun when we go out to eat together.
He gets so happy when we have a good prayformance.
I can sing into his eyes.
He lets me do whatever I want in prayformance, just so long as I don’t leave him out or hurt his feelings.
He shows me he loves me without having to say it all the time, but he always does. He forgives me easily.
He knows exactly what to do when I’m crying, not say anything and just hold me.
He tries to be positive when I’m feeling sad.
He’s really fun to hang around.
He makes me laugh.
He has an amazing laugh.
He has introduced me to a lot of amazing people.
He’s really good at giving me alone time, even when he’s with me.
He knows how to give me privacy.
We can talk about anything, and we have really interesting, philosophical conversations.
I can ask him anything and he gives great advice.
He never tries to change me.
He gets super serious in front of cameras, but he’s really just a silly little cuddle bear. People don’t really know how silly he is.
He says more non-words then real words throughout the day.
He talks to himself when he’s working on his computer.
He is the most creative person I’ve ever known.
He adorns himself and wears skirts.
He is humble, despite his immense power and creative genius.
He has one of the most beautiful and powerful countertenor voices I’ve ever heard.
I love singing and prayforming with him.
He is the most creative person I’ve ever met.
He’s very young for his age.
He ages very well.
He works really hard.
He’s really cute.
He’s a beautiful, sensitive soul.
He loves me no matter what.
He is my inspiration.


  1. Jean

    An amazing laugh. Thoth is ageless with the wisdom of the Ancestors. You realize, Lila, that you cannot see in others what you do not have within yourself! You are twin flames <3

  2. Susan Gee Rumsey

    BTW, I believe that the name Bibi is short for Habibi, which in Arabic means “Beloved.”

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