Back in Edinburgh!

Thursday July 31st 2014

I am so tired as I write this. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. My head is about to hit the pillow any moment. I hate sleep deprivation. I’ve felt like this 3 times in the past 2 months from traveling.

We had to get up at 5am to get to the airport in Amsterdam to catch our flight to Newcastle. It was painless getting through security and to our gate. Border Control in Newcastle was irritating, though. I was let through easily, though the guard did question me thoroughly. I made sure not to mention anything about us performing. Thoth, however, was held up because he said we’re performing at the Fringe. If we ever mention ‘performing’ to a border guard, they get suspicious. The guard thought Thoth needed a permit to perform at the Fringe, but we would be getting that when we arrived in Edinburgh, not before! It was completely stupid, and totally stressful. I waited outside the gate and all these horrible scenarios flashed through my mind. What if he was refused entry to the UK? Thankfully, he was stamped and let through after being detained for 20 minutes. WTF?

I was really pissed as we bought our metro tickets. Why does Thoth have to be so honest? “When are you going to learn? Never say we’re performing.” I said. I apologized for being mean when we got on the metro. I was worried we’d miss our train. We made it with 10 minutes to spare. God I hate traveling. The train ride was painless. Edinburgh was much busier. We walked to the Royal Mile and got our Fringe pass. There were tons of performers around, none of them very good. My first impression of the Fringe was amateurism and cheesiness.

We had breakfast at a cafe and lugged our bags home. We both collapsed on the bed and took a nap. I could barely do anything else but try to sleep. A note from the post office was on the ground saying my dance shoes had arrived. I went to try and get them, but the post office was already closed. Thoth went out to get groceries and we made dinner. I tried to stay up, but I could barely keep my eyes open to write.

5 thoughts on “Back in Edinburgh!

  1. vasiliki altai

    well, it’s a good thing you made it through customs! My own experience in the USA was very different. Just after September 11, I was invited to perform in NYC for a Cirque du soleil after party. At JFK airport, the ‘security’ held me there for 36 hours, shackled me, photographed me naked, took my fingerprints, iris scan and did not give me vegetarian meals but their fast food with meat (that is not really meat!) They then sent me back to Australia.

    I had my hoops with me, all of my make up and costumes, my short flaming red hair and they were highly threatened by my presence. A few weeks earlier I had been performing at the cabaret we organised and singing about wakenhut corrective corporation. Then they were the ones armed with guns and batons at JFK!

    I found their behaviour completely oppressive. Why should they make artists life so difficult. Previous ’empires’ like for example Genghis Khan of the Mongolian one would never touch a living artist yet in this degenerative period in history, the ‘anthropocene period’ where all is engineered by human hands, we are constantly seen as a threat. A threat to their status quo and their power structures which is all illusory and self created anyway.

    much love and wonderful times for you fellow artists of life

    1. la Post author

      God, that’s horrible! I was terrified something like that would happen to us. Did you ever sue them?
      Disgusting bastards. It’s seems we give up our rights when we go through a border (which actually doesn’t exists.)

      1. vasiliki

        No, I never sued them because I knew it would just end up a case of ouroboros (serpent eating its own tail)

        1. la Post author

          Why didn’t they let you in the country? Because you were performing and making money? What was their line of questioning and why did they treat you so horribly?

          1. vasiliki

            I didn’t have a visa but normally we get a 3 month waiver.
            Something about me overstaying in USA the last time I was there. bureaucratic stuff which tires me out. Probably true but who cares!! Time doesn’t exist in my mind. It is constructed like a clock (Dali’s melting clock) I was not making any money it was just an opportunity to have a lovely time and meet some people who were really brilliant at circus! I was just being human. I tried calling the Australian embassy but the ‘authorities’ kept giving me the wrong number. When I finally got onto them, they couldn’t issue me a visa on ‘no mans land’. Absurd!

            They have a strongly fixed idea of borders even though they were the ones from other lands oppressing the indigenous peoples in the past and me now and many others. Materialism was meant to aid the high level compassionate mind and not enslave people with rents and a greedy banking monetary system=oppression. Which finally, money as a note does not account for very much! It’s literally not worth the paper it’s written on.

            It was just after September 11 as well, so it was an opportunity for the ‘authorities’ to show off their dictatorial despotic behaviour. Armed with guns and batons and they had shackled my feet. I would sing as I approached the water fountain!! Shuffling my feet, reminiscent of slavery!! Me and 3 Mongolian women had chattering teeth from cold air blasted from above. We asked them for blankets. They didn’t arrive till hours later.
            They also interrogated me for hours, made me cry and treated me like a criminal! They wanted to break my spirit. A ha!

            After that time, I never wanted to visit that place again and I still feel the same way, a decade on. They told me I could still return to America! just to rub salt into my wound and try to humiliate me utterly.

            Even though the American empire along with Burmese and Chinese regimes there are quite despicable with all of the wars they have waged , I find many Americans, Chinese and Burmese people including the likes of you to be a breath of pure fresh air, something the environment is in desperate need of.

            Cannot stand politics! Can you tell?

            You are welcome anytime X

            Kill power not people

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