Unhealthy Singing

Wednesday July 30th 2014

I consider myself to be an extremely good singer. Many people call my voice ‘pure’ ‘angelic’ and ‘beautiful.’ I feel blessed to have the voice I have. However, with my talent comes the ability to discern well trained voices and amateurs. I am irritated by young people who imitate operatic singers. The average person who hears a young girl sing in an operatic style (lowered larynx, wobbly vibrato, singing too high/low) is impressed how ‘mature’ she sounds. All I hear is unhealthy technique. Children do not have the physical ability to sing like 30-40 year olds. Trying to only injures their vocal chords. Young pop singers do it too, yet we constantly see these young girls thrust into stardom. Charlotte Church, and Jackie Evancho, for example. If you notice, they both mask their sound to sound older and both have wobbly chins. This isn’t amazing to me, it’s disturbing, and unhealthy. Recently, I saw a 16 year old who will be performing at the Fringe this year who sings in the same way. Her body movements and facial expressions are even the same.

I’m beginning to think towards our trip to NYC. Finding housing in that city is particularly difficult (almost impossible.) The few friends we have barely have any room in their homes to accommodate us for very long. The rent is horrific, too. I find it odd that people say they “miss us at the Angel Tunnel” and “the park isn’ the same without us,” yet fewer people come to see us perform there then anywhere in the world. We feel utterly alone in that city. Thankfully we have our photographer friend Dan Rubin who comes to see us all the time. He is a great support. I wish we had available housing there like we do here. If anyone is reading this and lives in NYC, we need a place from August 29 to the end of November. We can afford $1000 or less per month in rent. If you can pass this along, it would help us a great deal.

I was feeling kinda down today. We went out to get lunch. When we came back, we couldn’t unlock the door. It turned out Wim’s son had locked the bottom lock, which we didn’t have a key for. We had told the neighbors what happened and they saw Wim’s son in the street and told him. He rushed back and opened the door for us. Wim and Marja made a nice going away dinner for us. They are the sweetest people. Wim said we can come back whenever we want. Marja said sometimes it seemed like we’re not even here. We’re very reclusive and quiet at home.

We have to get up around 5am tomorrow to get back to Edinburgh. We’ll be back there before noon and can pick up our Fringe passes. We’ll be busking on the Royal Mile on Friday sometime, somewhere. If it goes well, then we’ll play there this weekend and next weekend, then we fly to Rio on Sunday, August 17th. We are world travelers!

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