Tuesday July 29th 2014

Thoth and I went to get poffertjes when I got up. We ordered way too many, having not ordered enough last time. We were both stuffed. I got a soda and we went home. When we got hungry again, I went to the grocery store and got some chicken breasts. Thoth cooked, but I ate so much bread and hummus I couldn’t eat dinner. We both went to bed early.

2 thoughts on “Poffertjes

  1. vasiliki

    Hello Lily Angelique and Thoth,

    I have some footage of you from the Rijks museum and the Polderlicht. Would like to send it to you. Would you like that? If so, I have three lovely films. Two from the Rijks and one from indoor venue in East Amsterdam.

    You have both left me enamoured with such profound shamanistic performances and beauty. What you both create with your voices and violins touches me deeply.

    Wish you well in Edinburgh.

    1. la Post author

      Hi Vasiliki!
      It’s so nice to hear from you again. Of course we’d love your films. We will share it with our fans. We hope you’ll keep n touch with us. You can send the videos through our email tribalbaroque@gmail.com.

      Thank you.

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