Visiting a Friend in the Rain

Monday July 28th 2014

I didn’t sleep well at all. Four ambulances wailed by in the night and I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamed a Christian camp I used to go to was an actual cult. Kids were being taught completely false information and then being punished and killed for not accepting it.

When I got up, we went downstairs and sat with Wim and had a little something to eat. “You’re welcome back any time.” he said. We got dressed and he gave us a big umbrella to walk through the rain to Lieve’s house. She made us some soup and made dinner. I was so tired I napped most of the time. Thoth read ‘The Little Red Fiat’ from his book ‘Ruby and the Treehouse.’ I love when he reads to me. Lieve’s granddaughter came over for dinner. We sat at the dining room table and Lieve served us. She gave us a wedding present and we kissed her goodbye. We never know if we’ll see her again.

We walked home, dropped some stuff in the front door and went to Maoz for more food. I was still hungry. There were hordes of marauding boys running around. We got our food and went home. I rolled around with the kitty and he came upstairs with us. I took a shower and wrote my blog before going to bed.

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