Final Prayformances in Amsterdam!

Sunday July 27th 2014

Big day. Last prayformance in Amsterdam! Thoth got me some bread and juice for a snack in the morning. What a sweetie! He’s up so early. I had asked him last night in passing and he did it. I knew I’d be really hungry today if I didn’t eat anything. I split the smoothie drink with him and ate some bread with honey. it would tide me over. I got ready quickly so we could get to Vondelpark on time. Vasiliki, a woman who saw us perform yesterday at the art museum wrote to us. She said she’s be at the Rijks to see us perform today. It’s nice to have some support. Wim and Marja left a note on the table. They’d be at the studio until later tonight.

Playing at Vondelpark

The park was packed with people and the temperature was perfect. There was no one performing in the underpass, no degenerates either. Lucky us. There is a noticeable lack of buskers in this city compared with even two years ago. We set up quickly and started playing. By ‘Romanza,’ the underpass was completely blocked with people. Probably one of the biggest crowds we’ve ever had there. After one set, we packed up and went to the Rijksmuseum.

Playing at the Rijks.

I was worried there’d be a lot of people waiting, but it was just us and a saxophone quartet from Spain. The harpsichordist was playing. He really likes us. We sat down and relaxed and waited. The sax quartet set up next to us. We went on the other side of them where we usually play to get ready and listen to them. They were fantastic! I really liked their music. Security didn’t bother them, even though they were loud. I’m pretty sure they discriminate. I went to go to the restroom and saw VasilikiWhen the group finished, we pulled our stuff out and started. We had another very big crowd. A woman we recognized from yesterday’s performance came up and bought a CD. I love when people come see us! It’s so encouraging.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we finished our second set, we decided to pack up and go home. “No need to be greedy.” Thoth said. We took the tram back to Centraal Station and went home. We got out of our costumes and I took a shower. We went to look at a sushi place down the street. We even sat down, but they didn’t bring us a menu so we left. I don’t trust cheap sushi anymore. We decided to go to Wok to Walk. It’s cheap and really yummy. We got crepes and waffles for dessert. These three old guys outside a bar were digging my pink get up. “Incredible.” they said as we passed. Thoth got a beer and we went home. I worked on my blog and Thoth took a little nap before getting up again. We’re going to see our friend Lieve tomorrow.