Rainy Art Lab Show

Friday February 28th 2014

It rained like mad today. It was actually really nice. I drew and listened to music until it was time to get ready for the show. I talked to my sister on Skype and she asked if I’d bring my computer so she could watch. I let some of my pretty pink hair show under my headdress. We never have big crowds at our shows when it rains so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Jim drove us to Art Lab. Damn! I promised to bring Forrest some cupcakes but I forgot. Thoth set up the camera while I set up my computer. My sister wasn’t online. I called her a few times but she didn’t pick up her phone. It was a half hour before the show and no one was there. I started getting depressed. “No one’s coming.” I said to Thoth. He hugged me and tried to make me feel better. He gets worried about me when I’m sad. The place started filling with people, about half full. Jim introduced our show as “a full opera with no intermission.” He’s never said that before. We went onstage and I saw Forrest in the front row with a friend. I did some really cool things vocallduring “Anya,” but when we finished- silence. No one clapped or did anything. Again, after “Sea Expressions”- nothing. So weird! We always have to drink water in between songs and when there’s no audience interaction it can be pretty awkward. We spoke in our language, but people just weren’t responding. Finally people clapped after our third piece, but it was hesitant, very much like it is in the park sometimes. I went to the back during Thoth’s solo and told Jim how weird it was. “They’re mesmerized.” he said. When we finished with “Tango,” I didn’t even want to go back up for an encore. The rain makes people weird here. We sang “Scottish Song” and then brought up some chairs for a Q&A. That was fun, but it was so hot on the stage! Thoth told a really awesome story of when he was at the Academy Awards. He’s told me before, but not the way he told it this time. When we finished, people bought CDs and talked to us. A woman asked me about our diet. I told her we have something light for breakfast like a smoothie, then we fast during the day. After prayformance, we eat whatever we want, though we tend to eat light anyway. She said, “You’ve change the way I see the world.” That was a nice reflection. After we packed up and were walking to the car, Dave said we should go in depth about our world. “This is not your shtick. This is your way of life. You need to show people how deep this goes.” he said. We went home with Jim and I took a scan picture and a shower before eating dinner. We worked a little before going to bed.

We brought our camera to the show but forgot to make a video so I took a scan picture instead.