Final Wedding Preperations and Rehearsal Dinner

Friday May 16th 2014

Counterclockwise from the upper lefthand corner: Daddy, Thoth, me, Michael and Nana.

We got a table outside on the patio. While we waited for Thoth, Nana and Dad, we joked and were silly with each other. “You two give me permission to be silly.” Michael said. “When daddy gets here, it will get all serious.” sis said. “We’ll see about that.” Michael said. When they arrived, we ordered drinks and had a delicious dinner. À Côté is a tapas place so everyone ate off everyone else’s plate. I had fun feeding Michael. He’s always making faces and doing accents with us. It’s fun. He’s a very theatrical person, but shy too. The food was so good! Dad tooted our horns during dinner. He bragged about how we can “pin drop” on any opera and tell you what’s going on and sing it word for word, among other things. It was kind of embarrassing. He told Nana about all his escapades with his old band and playing in Broadway pits and his recording business. Dad took Thoth, Michael, me and Nana home and sis went to pick up Will. We said goodbye to Dad. He’s going to pick up balloons for us tomorrow morning. “What is my call time tomorrow?” Michael asked. “4. If you can be there earlier, that’d be great, but the latest is 4.” we said. Michael kissed us and went home. I took a shower and listened to music. Thoth watched tennis and read in bed. I got a message from our friend Helen. “I excited about tomorrow!” she said. I was shocked because I forgot to put her and her dad on the guest list. I have to call my caterers tomorrow and add two more people. I hope no more surprises pop up like that! It turned out they can’t stay for dinner, so everything works out!