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Special Prayformances in the Darkness

Sunday November 13th 2016

Today I did dark makeup. Sis came with us to the park and stayed all day. I was glad. It’s nice to have her with us. Dan Rubin came to see us. Cover Story got to meet my sister. We start a half hour later on Sundays, which is great now because we get more darkness time. Less than halfway through our set it was already dark. A few people today said it was the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen. One person at the end wondered aloud why our skills and talents haven’t been acknowledged yet. They have, but not it the way she’s thinking. It will happen someday. I believe it. Sis sat nearby and watched the first half, then left for a bit and came back at the end. We had our light on and a big crowd gathered around us. Everyone was seated in front of the case. It was like having a campfire. I knew everyone that was watching knew they were experiencing something very special. We were these two mysterious, ghost-like creatures singing in this beautiful tunnel in the middle of Central Park. Everyone who went away from tonight had some kind of profound experience. They didn’t even know what hit them.

Saturday November 12th 2016

I did pink eye shadow and lips today. No need to be complicated if I don’t want to. Sis went with us to the park, but she didn’t stay all day. I had hoped she would and I missed her. A woman said our music was “the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.” Amazing. When people say that I know we are bound to be famous the world over. The highlight of the day was seeing my old college friend Reggie. He won the Met National Council Auditions last years I think. He’s one of the best singers I know personally. It was amazing to see him in person after EIGHT YEARS! He took care of me that year I was in school studying voice. He won the competition I was in before I went to school at University of Kentucky. He got me through some tough times and was my best friend. He said he heard my voice from above the tunnel and he knew it was me. “I heard the high notes.” he said. When it was 2 minutes to 5pm, Marcia started up her boom box without asking if we were finished. It annoyed both of us. We saw our friend David on the walk to the subway. He walked with us and we talked. “Pray for your enemies.” he said. Sis was at home. We got dinner and rested in our room.

A Very Emotional Election Week!

Friday November 11th 2016

Today I slept until 11am. I was exhausted from the last two days of prayforming and seeing shows. Sis and I decided we would take tonight off and have dinner instead. I did more colorful makeup and we went to the park.

Dan Rubin and Tina came to see us today. We talked about Trump of course. All of us were still reeling from it. The prayformance today wasn’t as great as yesterday, but Tina and Dan made it better. They are such great supporters of our work. The ballerina girl came and played her boom box even closer to us today. We were both so annoyed I went over and asked her nicely to turn it down. She did, but it was still obnoxious. The beauty of this time for us is the darkness and the silence. It’s what we wait for all year. That’s the one thing above all else we really miss by performing in public. Silence. In public we’re lucky to get silence.

It was freezing by the time we finished. Dan and Tina hugged us and left. We packed up while Marcia blaster her boom box at the other end of the tunnel and sang. It’s really a shame the tunnel is being taken over by amplified, unoriginal performers. There’s nothing we can do about it, and it will only get worse as the years go by. All we can do is stay true to our art and keep going. We went upstairs to sit for an interview with a girl who watched our show today and yesterday. She asked us all the normal questions. It’s interesting to hear us talk about our life. We live a truly unique life, and we do it by ourselves through our own sheer willpower. It’s amazing.

We took the train home. Sis was already there. We had dinner and relaxed in our room the rest of the night.

Thursday November 10th 2016

Thoth was very energetic today. He’d had an epiphany about the election. I did light, sparkly makeup today. I was feeling much better. Sissy met us at the train. We went to the park and she went off to explore the city.

Carlos, the classical guitarist, was playing when we arrived at the Angel Tunnel. We could set up and start on time today. For the first half, when it was still light out, we had three songs people literally didn’t clap for. WTF?? I’ll never understand it. I glared at people, but said nothing. I want to say, “F’ing clap! It’s the least you can do!!” but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut. That doesn’t mean I don’t ironically laugh with Thoth about it or say something to him about it while the audience is watching.

The second hour of prayformance changed %100. For some reason the ballerina girl, Lee, played her boom box really loud near the fountain while dancing. I thought she was our friend. Friends don’t do that. It’s rude. I wanted to ask her to turn it down, but I didn’t. She eventually left and we had silence for the end of the prayformance. We have a sweet little light we turn on that gathers people to us like moths to a flame. It’s a magical time for us.

Sis came to the tunnel and sat off to the side until we finished. For some reason she started gathering up our money when we finished. “Don’t touch our money sis.” I said while audience members asked for CDs and pictures. “I’m trying to help you.” she said. “You’re not helping.” I said. We packed up and sis told me she got tickets for us to see “Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios”. That was exciting, but it would be a long trip for us. It was up past 125th Street at Randal’s Island. Thoth was sad he had to walk home alone. My poor baby.

I hugged and kissed him goodbye and we walked to 59th Street on the east side. A Trump protester passed us with a sign. “Impeach Trump before January 20th.” I couldn’t have agreed more. I wish I could have gone to another protest. The trains at 59th and Lex were packed. We had to push our way on. Yuck. We took it to 125th and walked to the island. We had an interesting conversation about karma, which my sister doesn’t believe in.

It was a long and very strange walk to get there. There was no one around and it was dark. I got scared. Finally we made it to the tent, with 20 minutes to spare. We found our seats. They were off to the side, so we found other seats that were better. The show was incredible. The singer had a gramophone on her head. Cute. It inspired me to get better at what I do. I can put everything I see and feel into the prayformance. If someone gave us a bunch of money, we would put on an amazing show. One of the most beautiful shows ever.

We took the bus back to 81st Street and got home by midnight. Another long day!

Wednesday November 9th 2016

Oh my God. What a day today was! For the whole world it seems! I was so upset when my sister told me Trump won. I mean, WTF? How could this be true? Later I found out Hillary won the popular vote but didn’t win because of the electoral college. Shocking! I was disgusted, sad and scared. I never talk about politics or even pay attention to them, but now I was really feeling scared! It was too much to process. I felt like our work didn’t matter anymore if people were supporting such a horrible person like Trump.

I painted my face with dark makeup and tears streaming down my eyes to represent my anger and sadness towards the country. It was one of those immensely gloomy days, too. I couldn’t smile. No sun. Just clouds and darkness. Everyone seemed distraught and shocked. Any phone or newspaper I saw on the train had a picture of Trump on it. Disgusting pig!

We went to the Angel Tunnel to prayform. The accordion player was playing her 2 songs over and over. It was depressing. I didn’t want to play. We set up and got going a bit late. It didn’t matter. There was no one around to watch. The first half hour of playing was really hard, but the second half hour completely turned around. Three people purchased CDs. One woman said it was inspiring we are doing this regardless of the current political climate. I told her she made our day. “You made my day.” she said. We didn’t play our full two hours. No need to push on our first day playing after 3 days off. We were satisfied. God, we are so lucky. I had been feeling so hopeless, and left the tunnel feeling hopeful. That’s what prayformance does for us.

We took the train home, I got something to eat and went back out to 42nd Street to meet my sister. An anti-Trump protest was in procession. I was so full of anger and sadness still I began marching and chanting with them. It felt fantastic! Got a lot of my feelings out. I only had a short amount of time to walk the 10 blocks I had walked back to the theater. My dad called and said sister’s phone was dead and to meet her at the theater. I had 2 minutes. I raced over there and called for her. She was pissed at me. Oh well. I had wanted to continue protesting, but we had a concert to attend. Steve Vai!!

We got our tickets, put our earplugs in and went into sit down. Steve had just started playing. It was so loud both of us had thought to up and leave, but we got used to it. We were afraid we’d damage our ears. We were right next to the speakers. Vai said he doesn’t take anything too seriously, in regards to the election. It made me feel better. We had a great time. He played our favorite album, “Passion and Warfare.” It was amazing. It seemed like he looked at me a lot. He’s nuts! After the show I was hungry so we went to a burger place and then sis got ice cream. It’s hard because she’s in the Trump camp and I can’t talk to her about it without both of us getting upset. It was almost midnight when we got home. Long day!

Tuesday November 8th 2016

I was tired from last night seeing “Phantom” so I stayed home all day and acted. Thoth gave me some privacy and went to get frozen fruit and doughnuts. 🙂 Such a great husband he is! I’m so lucky. I get so turned on when I see Phantom. Weird, I know. He’s my icon. Acting is so weird too. It’s not physical. I turn myself on by pretending I’m Erik. My sister does it too. I’d never, ever show you, even if you asked me. Later when Thoth came home, I went out to have dinner at Times Square.

My Sister Is Here

Monday October 7th 2016

We had a special brunch today. The big marathon was taking up the entire park (Central Park) so we don’t play on that day. It’s really difficult to get into the park, and then playing for a bunch of marathon runners and their friends is like playing to a bunch of molasses. We went to 8 and 1/2 for brunch. It was wonderful. We act like newly weds! We walked back and forth 5 times to get food holding hands. So sweet. When we eaten all we could (not a lot for me) we snuggled in our booth and talked. I wish sis was there with us, but she would be arriving later that night.

We went home and took a nap together. I usually don’t take naps. It was ever so sweet. I watched a movie and waited up until past midnight for sis to arrive. When I first saw her, we both cried. It’s too long between visits! I forget I have a twin when she’s gone. I’m so independent from her. I have a work and and husband and a life completely separate from her. We went to bed around 1am.

Sunday October 6th 2016

I got up before 9:30am and acted a little in the bathroom before waking sis up. I went into wake her and she was still tired, so I acted a little more. She got up and dressed and we got dressed up and took the subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent less than three hours there looking at the art (and singing) and then went to have lunch at a diner. It was so lovely! “I want to go see Phantom.” sis said suddenly. “Let’s do it!” I said. After eating, we went on the subway to 42nd St and I kissed Thoth goodbye. Sis and I walked from Grand Central to the Phantom theater on 44th and 7th and got box seats for tonight’s show! I couldn’t believe we were going. We had three hours to wait. It would be my 8th time seeing it I think! We walked to Bryant Park and watched people ice skate. I got a smoothie and we went back to the theater. We were tired, but excited!

The show was great. We had seats where we could snuggle up together so we could see the entire stage. First time not being in the orchestra. We both know the show so well it didn’t matter. I left to pee every time Christine had a solo. We’re only there to see the Phantom, and he’s only onstage for 30 minutes in a 2 hour and 30 minute show. It was an understudy tonight, but he was great. Sadly he didn’t ad lib during the Angel scene at the end of the first act or at the end of Final Lair in the second act. That’s my favorite part. He had a fantastic voice though! It was 11pm when we got out. We got home and in bed after midnight. We’d been out for 12 hours!

Just Keep On!

Saturday November 5th 2016

No makeup again today. I wish I could, but I’m still stuffy. That’s the worst part of getting sick. The nasal congestion lingers, making singing and doing makeup difficult. I beat this cold’s butt faster than I ever have before, though!

The Boyd family was singing at the tunnel when we arrived. John Boyd is one of our best allies at the park. He makes it possible for us to play there. He moves everyone to give us our time slot back. I don’t know what we’d do if he and his family weren’t there holding the tunnel while we’re gone. I know they’re looking out for themselves, but so are we. We all have to. No one is doing it for us. A man asked “Are you Tribal Baroque?” and said he loved what we do. “Keep going and keep making those vlogs!” he said. People are starting to pay attention!

We actually had a great play. The break dancers whistled and set up their cones to try and do a show during “Anya” right outside the tunnel, but they couldn’t gather a crowd. If only they were nice to us and everyone else we would try to work with them, but they harass us and ignore us. The best we can do is ignore them. It was so pleasing when they couldn’t start their show. So satisfying. How dare they try to do a show in the middle of our song. How dare they. They should be ashamed of themselves! Such hubris!

We had two beautiful hours of relative silence while we prayformed. We sold CDs and people said amazing things to us. Hannah and a friend of hers came to see us. She saw us a few years ago and brought friends. She’s trying to get us to perform at “Sleep No More” before we leave at the end of this month. I don’t believe it will happen until it happens! Hannah invited us to dinner when we finished. We went to a sushi place on Columbus and 73rd. It was delicious. We laughed a lot too. Fun! Such a great way to end our week!

Friday November 4th 2016

Hard day. No makeup again. Still sick. Cover Story was singing at the tunnel when we arrived. The break dancers started up when we started. Ass holes. They didn’t try starting another show after that. The amplified trio started up, but further away from us at the other side of the Angel Fountain. Good. Still loud, but we could handle it. They looked into the tunnel at us as they passed to leave over an hour later. They’re ass holes and liars too. We can’t talk to them either. We’ve tried with both of those groups. They neither care nor listen!

I was so over it today. So sick of it all. So tired of people’s rudeness and uncaring behavior. It will always be that way. Can I deal with it for the rest of my life? I don’t know. The prayformance was hard, again. I was still sick and sang gently on my chords. A woman gave us a 20. I thought she wanted a CD (we haven’t been selling many of them lately) but she just want to give us a one dollar tip. I mean, I get it. She probably needed to use the money for something else, but why not support art? I understand why people don’t support art as much anymore. They don’t have to. They just take pictures and videos of us with their phones and walk away. Easy. No shame, no guilt, no hesitation. It’s just what people do these days. It takes consciousness, kindness and care to support artists these days.

I always struggle with the balance between the financial side of our work and the creative/spiritual side. We have to make a living and pay for the things we need to pay for to continue doing this work, but we are also trying to get in touch with our higher, more spiritual and creative selves. I wish we didn’t have to sell CDs and concern ourselves with all of that. I find that when I just sing and don’t worry, everything falls into place.

It ended up being a great play after an hour or so. People bought CDs and were very complimentary. It really does help me so much! It isn’t all about selling CDs and making nice tips, it’s about self expression and connecting with people more for us. It was peaceful and quiet in the tunnel as we packed us. So sweet and blissful. Just gotta push through it. I am so lucky to have my little Bunny boo.


A Day of Peace at the Angel Tunnel

Thursday November 3rd 2016

I did no makeup at all today. It’s been a few months. No reason to unless I really want to and I feel up to it.14914838_1313273688707272_976931981_nWe had an incredibly quiet and serene prayformance at the Angel Tunnel today. I don’t know how we do it. I know it seems odd, my life, to those who don’t live it. Why do I get up every day and spend two hours doing makeup and two hours singing and playing violin in a tunnel? Well, because it’s the way I have found for my talents to be used to their best ability and make a living doing so. Finances aside, it’s a way for me to constantly try new things and challenge myself to be bolder and more outrageous. I have grown to learn wearing makeup and a costume has nothing to do with the audience, it has everything to do with my desire to be self expressive. Just as long as we sing, people love what we do.

I really played it very low today. Didn’t sing much or sing very high or do any outrageous movements or facial expressions. Mostly I had my eyes closed and was just enjoying our music. I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to. I prayform because I want to, but the degree to which I prayform is up to me. I can sing high, low, wear makeup or not, wear a costume, or not, play violin or not. It doesn’t matter in what way I prayform, just as long as I am doing it. I just have to do it. Being a sensitive, emotional wreck of a human being is what makes it hard, but also what makes it amazing. I feel everything. I’m not a boom box. I’m not a robot. I’m a living, breathing soul in a physical body. My expression is what I have at hand, my vocal chords, my makeup, my pencils and drawing book, my computer. I realized today how blessed I am to have the gifts I have. I sing like an angel. I am an angel in training, as Thoth says. I want people to appreciate our work. I know it’s one of the most unique things happening in this world today, but I know not everyone will. In the future they’ll wish they did. It’s interesting to know that so fully and clearly. The most important thing is I am living my life the way I want to and I am doing it with someone I love more than anyone in the world.

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