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Final Prayformance at the Angel Tunnel!

Sunday November 30th 2015

It was our last day at the Angel Tunnel today.

We have absolutely no idea how we affect people with our work. Joanna and her daughter Amelia came to see us. They haven’t seen us in 3 years. Amelia is a dancer. Paul was there too. A group of nuns came into the tunnel and asked if they could sing a song. The Boyd children knew the song they sang, so they sang along. It was SO adorable. I love nuns, even though I lived with some in New York who didn’t understand me. I feel like a nun in a certain way, and Thoth as a monk, but he’s sexy monk.

David, our “friend” watched Anya right in front. For some reason he was in religious garments and had a bell. Whenever he sees us, he starts “singing” and making a scene. It’s like he wishes he was a performer but he has no talent whatsoever. He walked in front of everyone when we finished our song and started “singing” like always. I’ve come to realize he just wants attention. He must be envious of how much attention we get “Why can’t you be the monster and he be the fairy?” I took incredible offense to that when he first said it last year, but now it’s just obnoxious. I can be whoever I want to be!

A man said he saw us yesterday and he was feeling sad because his friend had died. “You made me feel so much better. I’m going to mention you in my eulogy tomorrow.” he said. Joanna and Amelia watched the first two pieces, then Amelia danced in the wings for a few. “You do more choreography, so she wanted to watch AND dance.” her mother said. We first met Joanna when she was dancing to our music in the tunnel. I always appreciate when people move to our music but don’t try and make it about themselves.

It was immensely cold and some guy was doing a show near the staircase. Once we hit the sunset, things got better for us. A group of people sat down and watched the rest of the prayformance. It’s nice when people sit down to watch us. Paul and Joanna stayed and talked with us as we packed up. Joanna walked with us to the subway. It’s nice to have someone walk with us.

An Utterly Breathtaking Prayformance!

Friday November 27th 2015

Dan Rubin and his brother Josh invited us to sushi after prayformance tonight. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to! I made myself up especially pretty so Dan would have something beautiful to work with. I didn’t know, but it would be the last time we’d see him! He comes to see us prayform more than anyone in the entire world.

“Hi Thoth.” someone said on the subway. He recognized him from performing in the park years ago and even asked if he still had the foot drum. It’s cool when that happens. I wonder if that will ever happen to me. The park was bustling with people, but there were no break dancers and no performers in the tunnel. Usually the family that plays before us is there. Something had happened, but we had no idea what. We set up and Dan arrived. Since we were there early, Dan and I had plenty of time to take pictures around the Angel Fountain.  _IGP5994 _IGP5997 _IGP6003 _IGP6011 _IGP6022 _IGP6026 _IGP6077a

Dan brought his good tape recorder and recorded the prayformance. When we began playing, we had the most ginormous crowd circling us. They clapped appreciatively when we finished “Anya.” It was the start of a great prayformance, one of the best we’d had at the tunnel. On days like this, when audiences are super focused and attuned to us, I feel like we’re performing in a theatre. That’s what makes us so energetic. Our energy was out the roof for the entire 2 hours. I was actually hot, but it was unusually balmy for the end of November, 63 degrees._IGP6174 _IGP6233 _IGP6309

For the rest of the prayformance we had big, BIG audiences. “KIshan told me what happened with the break dancers.” Thoth told me. He said a few of them had put down a bag near a large group of kids earlier at the Bandshell and yelled “Bomb! Bomb!” and ran away. All the kids ran and people called the police. Now the break dancers are wanted for terrorism or something! Isn’t that nuts?! Makes sense they would be that stupid. Vlad came to watch us. Two girls sat on the pillar in front and watched all of the opera. They threw us a nice tip when they had to leave and I handed them a CD. “Do you know us?” I asked. “A friend told us to come see you.” they said. “We’d been looking forward to it for a while.” they said. I always know someone knows us if they sit for a long time. Near the end, after “Tango,” a pair of twins were so into our music and lathered us with praise. “You come straight from your hearts.” one said. “We were mesmerize and entranced.” the other said. I told them I was a twin and their eyes lit up and they smiled from ear to ear. A woman approached me with her family saying how much she loved the show. “I read your blog. It’s so positive.” she said. A couple who had seen us a year prior sat and watched for a long while, too. Another man who had seen Thoth 15 years ago said, “I really love the duo.”

_IGP6398Paul was there in the corner. Thoth talked with him while we packed up and then Vlad, Dan, Josh, me and Thoth walked to sushi on 72nd and B’Way. My sister called and said she loves my vlog. “I don’t like reading so it’s nice to watch a little video and see how you’re doing.” she said.. I’m glad! We had a great time and the sushi was delicious. Dan and Josh treated us. We said goodbye to Josh on the subway and Dan and Vlad went into the station with us. Dan gave us a gift. I was so touched. “You can add up all the times I’ve been to see you.” he said. I told him how much we appreciate his support of our work. He knows that, but I love telling him. We are so blessed. We’re leaving the city in 3 days.



Thanks Giving Prayformance

Thursday November 26th 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! 
IMG_20151126_200416 IMG_20151126_200340We always play at the Angel Tunnel on Thanksgiving day. It can be the best day of the year for us.

I had a profound realization today. It doesn’t matter what people think of us. Not everyone is going to like our music. It’s not for everyone. That’s ok. We’re not hurting anyone. They can move onto something else. We don’t force anyone to listen to us. We are doing what feels good to us. Tribal Baroque started out of necessity, in a way. Thoth needed help. His body was struggling and he needed some support. He first started performing alone out of necessity, too. His band had broken up and he still wanted to perform, so he continued alone. He did what felt right to him. People have a reaction to it. Some are mesmerized, some are confused, some don’t care, and others hate it. The latter two I don’t understand why, but to each to his own. Thoth mentioned we should make a list of reasons people hate Tribal Baroque. 🙂 Anyway, that doesn’t matter. If people don’t like us, there’s no reason for us to know about it. It actually is amazing that such a variety of people love our music. There is no criteria for a person to enjoy our music. We have such a diverse array of fans. Because our music doesn’t exists anywhere else in the world, there is no certain kind of music you have to like in order to love ours.

Countdown! 5 of 5 Prayformances Left at the Angel Tunnel in Central Park!

Wednesday November 23rd 2015

What a tiring day for some reason! IMG_20151125_143420588I had trouble getting my makeup the way I wanted this morning. I bleached my roots two days ago and the colors always come out differently. It takes some time to get used to it.

It was very cold playing in the park today. Low 50’s, feels like upper 40’s. I felt bulky and uncomfortable wearing heaps of clothes to stay warm. For some reason my eyes were heavy as we played. Vlad came to see us with the friend who’d introduced us to him. They stayed for most of the opera. Two girls came and sat for most of the opera, too. They hooped and hollered after the energetic pieces. One of them even clapped along to a piece, but her hands were muffled by gloves. It almost sounded like a bass drum. Pretty cool. Usually people don’t clap to our music. Vlad was standing near them bobbing his head along with the music. He seems to know our stuff pretty well, and he’s only seeing us a handful of times. It’s wonderfully to clearly see how much someone is enjoying our music! The two girls bought CDs. “A friend told us we had to come see you. She said it was the weirdest, most mesmerizing performance art ever.” one said. Weird and mesmerizing. Just what I want to be. 🙂

I’m going to vlog every day this week. I’m proud of how hard I’m working on it.

We’ll be at the park tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, and through the weekend, then we’re off to the West Coast!