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Unusually Quiet Sunday Prayformance

Sunday September 27th 2015

It was a wonderful and surprisingly quiet Sunday prayformance in the park. No performers around. Peaceful, as it should be. We played our full set, the opera and a few older pieces. By the end, we had humungous groups of people crowding very close to us, including many photographers.

Photo by Chris Monroe.

Photo by Chris Monroe.

It was a really nice prayformance. We learn and grow every day, but especially now with our new opera. New shades of emotion are always coming into focus. “You had big crowds today.” our busker friend said when we finished. IMG_20150927_174134773 IMG_20150927_174233492 IMG_20150927_174235745 IMG_20150927_174238018 IMG_20150927_174653060

We took a walk to 59th Street and went down to14th for dinner at  La Bonbonniere.


Prayformance Cut Short by Noisy Concert on Great Lawn

Saturday September 26th 2015_IGP1508 _IGP1557 _IGP1587 _IGP1598

When we got out at 72nd Street, there was a line of people waiting to get into the concert on the Great Lawn over 10 blocks away. Thankfully, we were able to get through the gates and to the Angel Tunnel. Dan Rubin came to see us. “I forgot it was Beyonce day.” he said. “We’ll still play. I don’t know how long though.” I said.

Once we had set up and started “Anya,” someone was shooting me from very close. I was looking straight forward so I couldn’t see who it was. I wondered if it was a stranger or it was Dan. I eventually decided to swat whoever it was away, when I saw it was Dan. Oops. I turned to him and apologized when we finished the piece. “I should have warned you. I’m sorry.” he said.

We were able to play for an hour before the concert started. We had big crowds and no break dancers downstairs. Once the concert started blasting and thumping away, we couldn’t hear each other so we had to stop. The break dancers came downstairs, too. It was interesting to watch them deal with the loud music blaring from the concert. It was as if they were getting a taste of their own medicine. The concert quieted down as we packed up. We could have played for a bit longer, but we had been thrown off so much by the thumping, we would never have waited for it to stop. At least we got to sing for an hour.

We walked to the subway with Dan. It took a LONG time to get home. The trains were running very slowly. We got off 2 stops before us and got some groceries. It was a great grocery store. We have no grocery stores in our area. We stayed in our room until Jadelyn put her child Alaria to bed, then Thoth we went out to make dinner for us. It’s nice to have a home cooked meal.


A Lovely Day Off In Chelsea Market!

Photo by Florin Tilinca.

Photo by Florin Tilinca.

Friday September 25th 2015

We had an exciting talk and email with Wendy and Sarah from Martha’s Vineyard this morning. It made us feel very happy and positive. Our friend Nuno in Lisbon is going to edit the footage of our show in Martha’s Vineyard. We have to mail the hard drive that contains the footage to him. The park was closed today because the Pope was there. Thankfully we were told about it by the Boyds on Wednesday so we could make other plans. We went out for sushi at Chelsea Market. What an amazing place!IMG_20150925_150208352 They have every kind of food you could imagine. IMG_20150925_150223386 IMG_20150925_150235490 IMG_20150925_183036 Thoth was very happy. IMG_20150925_183024So was I. IMG_20150925_183012 We even bumped into a celebrity chef who was picking out fish for his clients. “I’m booked forever.” he said. I hope we can say that someday. I believe we will.IMG_20150925_151203772 It was an hour wait to sit down for sushi, but it was delicious. IMG_20150925_182947 IMG_20150925_173229I ordered a salmon sandwich to have later and a pretty lady came over to us. Her name was Victoria McGrath and she was a makeup artist. “I don’t meet people that are like me often.” I said. “I was just talking about that before I saw you. I was thinking. ‘Where are my people?”IMG_20150925_182915I asked a man outside the market where a post office was. Thoth asked him which island he was from. “Jamaica.” he said in his thick accent. “Barbados.” Thoth said indicating himself and laughing. “You from Barbados too?” he asked me. “No, no. I’m English and Irish.” I said. “I thought you were a little girl.” he said. “It’s the pig tales I said laughing. We walked to the post office and mailed the hard drive, then we took the train home. What a lovely day. IMG_20150925_182903

Creativity at the Angel Tunnel!

Thursday September 24th 2015

I really went to town doing my makeup this morning. I like feeling inspired.
IMG_20150924_165610 I even added some flowers to my body suit and attached many of my earrings to it. IMG_20150924_144158879The longer we’re at the Angel Tunnel, the more inspired I get. I don’t know what it is about the space that inspires me so much. Perhaps it’s knowing that fans will come to see us, or that we will always have big crowds or just that the space is so majestic and regal. For me, the Angel Tunnel calls for immense creativity every day.
IMG_20150924_144002036 I generally like to change up my look up all the time, but in New York I challenge myself to do even more. One reason is that Dan Rubin could come any day to take pictures and I want something new for him to photograph. I was hoping he’d come today, but he usually doesn’t come two days in a row. A gentleman with a camera took tons of shots of me and Thoth. He won’t send them to me immediately like Dan does. That’s a great things about Dan. I get shots that night. My look changes so much from day to day, that a photo from last week is old news. IMG_20150924_144007389 I’m very pleased with my creative abilities. I’ve worked at them all my life, but namely in the last 7 years. Maybe someday I’ll be widely known for my ever changing looks. I already am in a way. IMG_20150924_144015814 Thoth looks stunning in his coat he bought in Amsterdam. He even wears his headdress when we play the opera. I have such a fantastic husband. Can you believe at his age he is still jumping around and singing for a living? What an amazing person he is. Very strong. His hardheadedness makes it possible for us to prayform in the tunnel every year. He’s such a fun person to work off in every way; as a husband, lover, friend, companion and creative partner. We work very, very well together. We are a team as unusual as they come. Who else could I would get dressed up with and go out to the park every day and perform? It takes a lot of steadfastness and courage and patience. He is the best creative partner I could ask for!IMG_20150924_145326990 We’ve put our hearts and souls into making our art what it is. We love sharing it with people. We are so lucky to be able to. When life is good, when we’re getting to sing every day, I know that. We got to sing for a full hour before the wedding started, and they gave us compensation for stopping. A beautiful woman and her boyfriend came over and asked, “Are you starting or did you just finish?” “We had to stop because of the wedding.” we said. “We came here to see you.” she said. It’s amazing to me what that happens. A person we don’t know came all the way from somewhere just to see us. A man in the wedding party talked to us once the wedding was over. “You create the music yourselves?” he asked. “Yes.” we said. “Very impressive.” he said. IMG_20150924_145432108

Fantastic First Prayformance of the Week!

Wednesday September 23rd 2015

I was able to get my hair to a desirable color this morning. I’m still unsure what color to do up top, if any. Maybe I’ll add some darker purple up there, or maybe pink, or blue. Any ideas? Or just leave it as is? I do like having white roots and unusual colors on the ends. I’m always reinventing my looks. I’m never satisfied. I’m so blessed to be able to create with my life!_IGP1124

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having with my makeup these days! I get up and spend an hour or 2 creating designs and mixing colors, and I end up with something magical on my face. It’s never planned, but I’m developing the skills to consistently do beautiful and unique makeup designs every day! _IGP1406

Dan Rubin came to see us. “I came to get more shots of the new opera, knowing you’d be playing it today” he said. I’m always so happy to see him. Him being there means we will have one person completely focused on us for the entire time we’re performing. That gives me a lot of energy. Our friend Pat came to see us, too. She arrive just as Dan did and stayed through our entire 2 hour show. I was very happy to see her, too. It’s so nice that friends and fans come to see us here!

_IGP1397We played our opera today and had big crowds. It was a great prayformance and just perfect weather. I’m so proud of what we’ve created and accomplish. Now it’s time to write a new one! Even though we wrote, composed and choreographed “Esh and Ee-ay,” the idea of writing a new one is still overwhelming! We can do it. First I have to write a story. I have ideas, but it will take time to make it cohesive. A wedding planner asked if we’d be here tomorrow and told us they have a permit for a wedding at 4:30pm tomorrow. We always get feisty with weddings. We told her if they wanted us to stop tomorrow, they have to compensate us, otherwise they should use another part of the tunnel. That leaves us with only an hour of playing tomorrow, then the park is closed on Friday because of the Pope and Saturday is the loud, obnoxious concert on the Great Lawn. (Beyonce will be encapsulating the sound space this year.) I don’t get it. Close the entire park for one person? He’s just a person! And why do I have to hear Beyonce’s voice 10 blocks away? We’ll use Friday to relax and go out for sushi. It will be good for our voices to get an extra day off.

Anyway, Pat loved the opera. She was completely taken by surprise by it. I wish I had a tape recorder out so I could remember what she said! Pat, if you read this, could you please repeat to us your experience in the comments? I’d appreciate it! Dan concurred with what she said. “We worked so hard on it!” I said. “It shows!” Pat replied. _IGP1417

Dan walked with us to the subway. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.