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When You Look Interesting…

Friday January 30th 2015

We decided not to go out to play today. It was overcast and rainy. I got dressed in my galaxy skirt and took a bike ride to put our check in the bank. I love taking bike rides! It was rainy. Listening to music (in one ear of course) while biking is so much fun! Some people were giving thumbs up and staring at me. When I was stopped at a light, a man came over to me and acted all weird. He liked how I looked, and tried to give me something. I think it was pot or a piece of candy. He was really creepy. He kissed my hand in a creepy, sloppy way. Gross. I wasn’t scared, though. Most people are harmless, and I do feel I can take care of myself, but I wish people wouldn’t do that. In New York one night I was hanging out with my sister and this really awesomely dressed guy ran over to me and hugged me. It was fantastic. He was friendly, with no ulterior motives. At least I don’t get cat called. To my memory that’s only happened to both me and Thoth in Lisbon, but it was funny and kind of sweet. They were construction workers and I think they thought Thoth was a girl! I was bothered a few times by guys in New York when I first moved there in 2009, but I took care of it just fine. Being a unique woman in the world teaches you how to be assertive and not take people’s bull shit. I remember last when Thoth and I were talking to a woman on the street in NYC on Halloween and a man just blundered his way over to me and tried to touch me. I immediately pushed him off and walked away. No problem. I don’t need to be rude, I just stop the behavior and get away from the person. Oh and one time I was hanging out in Union Square and a guy started following me. I sat down, and when he sat down, too, I asked him very bluntly why he was following me. He was so embarrassed, and that was that. Assertiveness! I would say prayformance has also taught me that, too. People have always (thought not too often these days) gotten in our way during prayformance. We area making music in a public space. I’ve learned to be discerning and a peacemaker. I know how to deal with assholes, get away from them as fast as possible! Thank god most people I’ve met are very kind and respectful. When someone is rude or disrespectful towards Thoth, on the other hand, he becomes a monster. It takes a real dumb ass to get him going, though. When I got home, we practiced for a few hours. It feels so good to practice. I got a galaxy top in the mail.
 We will be prayforming tomorrow! Yay!

Opera Commission Check Arrives!

Thursday January 29th 2015

The doorbell rang this morning. Thoth was out shopping for groceries. I got up and went outside. The UPS truck was just pulling away. I ran over and stopped him. He handed me a thin package and had me sign for it. I went back inside and opened it. Lo and behold, it was our check for our opera commission!

That was the highlight of the day. Thoth came back with lots of yummy foods. We ate lunch at 3:30 and were both shocked it was so late. We started rehearsal at 4.Thoth is really helping me with improvisation, and we came up with another ostinato. My galaxy skirt arrived. It’s so cute!

A peek at my new shoes and skirt.

A peek at my new shoes and skirt.


Burry hair.

Burry hair.

Dying Hair, Cute Shoes, and Practicing

Wednesday January 28th 2014

I redyed my hair. I love it. Photo on 1-28-15 at 8.49 PM Photo on 1-28-15 at 8.58 PM #3 Photo on 1-28-15 at 9.04 PM Photo on 1-28-15 at 10.45 PM Photo on 1-28-15 at 10.47 PM #2I’m no longer afraid to use blue or purple in my hair. They look fantastic! I think I was born to have multicolored, unicorn hair. It’s inspiring me to try new hairstyles, like braids.

We practiced today. It went well. Thoth is a wonderful teacher. Today he worked with me on listening more and playing less when we improvise. It’s actually really hard! I sing in phrases naturally because I have to breathe, but it’s easy to just play and play when I play violin. We came up with a couple new ostanitos, too.

My kawaii sneakers with unicorns came in the mail. I’m in love! They look like my hair!

The tiny white LED sparkle lights came, too. I wrapped them around my bike when we finished practicing. They look awesome. I think I’ll get some more.

I love my husband dearly. I love cuddling into his cheek and holding him. He says I’m so sweet. I love especially when he pets me or touches me of his own accord. It still gives me butterflies. He said we are more intimate than he’s ever been with anyone. That’s odd because we don’t have sex. 😛

Thoth started working on a composite for our “Esh and Ee-ay” CD cover. Dad said he’s going to start mastering it next week. Things are moving along.

We prayform on Friday in Balboa Park. I’m looking forward to it!

Simple Magic

Tuesday January 27th 2014

I’ve had a nice two days off. I didn’t do much yesterday accept pin things to my Pinterest site. I found a lot of pictures I’ve never seen before of Michael Crawford as the Phantom of the Opera. Today I acted for a few hours, then took a leisurely bike ride to Panera for lunch. An older gentleman started talking to me after I ate. He was very friendly and asked what I do. Turns out he’d seen me locking up my painted bike and found me interesting. It’s odd people find the way I dress curious when I’m on my day off. I don’t feel like I look interesting. I told him about prayformance and my husband. “He’s very lucky to have you. You’re so pretty and kind.” he said. That made me feel happy. I love when people are genuinely friendly. I enjoy meeting new people. I ordered some food for Thoth and biked home in the sunset. I can’t really explain how much I love biking in the sunset while listening to my ipod. It’s magical. I was refreshed and relaxed when I got back to the house. I’m learning how to work our. Go slow. Thoth said something so sweet to me. We were talking about Lord of the Rings. He just finished reading it. At the end of the book, Frodo is leading all these people but Sam, Mary and Pippin get all the credit, then Frodo leaves Middle Earth. Thoth said he would be like that for me. He doesn’t think he’ll be recognized for his work in his lifetime, but I will. “I am honored to hoist you up, for your sweetness.” he said. 🙂 We posted a pretty video someone made of Thoth’s song “Jumpgate.”  Most people haven’t heard his old music. I love that song. Two friends asked for copies of it, which Thoth sent to them. If anyone else wants it, let me know and he’ll send it to you, too. I can’t wait for our new album to be finished. It’s taking so long! 

Creativity Abounds in San Diego


There were two packages on my desk when I got up. It was my pink suspenders and silver metallic skirt. I tried it on. It’s so pretty! I wrote to Wendy Taucher asking when our show in Martha’s Vineyard was. She wrote back immediately saying she’s already reserved the venue for Saturday September 5th and Sunday September 6th. TWO SHOWS???? OMG we’re doing two shows! I’m so excited!!!!! It’s gonna be big. Last time it was big but it’s gonna be even bigger this year. I can’t wait! We have a lot of work to do between now and then! That put me in a fantastic mood. Forrest let us know he was held up in the desert so he wouldn’t be able to make it in time to see us prayform. He’s so sweet to tell us. We always expect to see him on Sundays.

It was overcast, so our bike ride was very pleasant. The park was very busy. Joe and his wife (the people who helped us perform in Martha’s Vineyard) came to see us. They brought friends! “We were looking all over for you.” they said. When we started, I was surprised when Bassima arrived and sat with a friend to watch us. She, Joe and his wife left after the first half. We had a quieter latter half of the prayformance, but we played new music, which is always fun. Thoth played the 9 rhythm and I got to use my belt voice. I tried singing more syllables and using my belt voice more. It takes a lot of conscious thought for me to use more words, otherwise I just revert to “la la la.” During “Scottish Song,” tried singing from my lowest register to my highest in once phrase. That was interesting. It’s fun to find notes that fit into the song through my entire register. I like doing runs and trills. It was another great day. What a wonderful weekend!

The view from our work desk. :)

Prayformance sunset.