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Behind the Scenes Second Day of Filming for “ANYA” in Central Park!

Thursday October 30th 2014

Thoth woke me at 6:30am. I got dressed and woke sis. She hopped up, but she wasn’t ready when we had to leave. “I’ll meet you there.” she said. We got on the subway and went to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. It was freezing. Sal was upstairs setting up the camera with Summer. I put on my makeup and Thoth slowly took off his clothes and put on his robe. Sis arrived. It was in the upper 40’s and Thoth was basically naked. That’s moviemaking for you. We did a shot on the stairs, then went down to the fountain. Everyone was so cold, we took a break. Sis and Summer went to The Boathouse to get coffee and tea to warm us up. Thoth and I snuggled in a blanket. They came back with scones and bagels, too! It was so helpful. “We should wait until the sun comes out.” Sal said. When the sun finally started coming out, Sal started setting up the next shot at the Fountain. I think that will be a cool one. We had to hold pedestrians back from the fountain. Summer told us a photographer was belligerent about moving. “It’s not a real film, is it?” he said belligerently. We did a few angels of the shot at the Fountain. It became easier to work when it was warmer. We saw the Boyds start singing in the tunnel, and a breakdancer group did a show. I realized how truly rude the break dancers are to perform so close to the tunnel. It is very clear there are people in there trying to perform. Kishan watched us for a bit from a distance. He asked sis what we were doing. A friend, Stephen, also watched us.

Sal’s brother arrived. We finished with the shots at the Fountain, and sis had to go to the airport. We hugged for a long time. I don’t know when I’ll see her again. It was really hard to see her go. She’s going to be in Nashville tonight. I watched her until she disappeared. I love my sister so much. I hope she finds healing at home and figures herself out. Sal and I went to The Point to get some pick up shots while Summer, Sal’s brother and Thoth went to the bridge. Once we got the shots, we got hotdogs and met them at the bridge. There was no sun, so we had to wait. I took a nap. I was so tired!



Once we got some sun, we did the shots on the bridge. We were finished at 4! Yay! We all walked to a place to have dinner near the NAT. I got a deep dish pizza and a cob salad. OMG de-licious! I was so hungry! Sal gave us money and we discussed them driving us upstate on Saturday afternoon for the film shoot. If it rains on Saturday, we’ll go with them. Otherwise, we’ll play in the park and take Metro North afterwards and Sal will pick us up. It’s going to be freaking freezing on Sunday. I’m excited to film, but not so jazzed to be cold. It’s really hard to act when you’re freezing your ass off.

Thoth and I said goodbye to everyone and thanked Sal for dinner and went home. I feel so protected right now. Sal paid us for the film shoot and Sarah is collecting money for us to write our opera. If all goes well, the movie will come out this summer and we’ll put on our opera and the end of August at the Vineyard! We’re going to be paid to create the opera, and we’re being paid to make a movie ABOUT US. Things are going very well for us indeed!

The Secret is Revealed to Sis

Wednesday October 29th 2014

We’ve been having a lovely day of rest. We need it. We did too much yesterday. I woke up still feeling sad about the wasted money from last night’s disappointing show, but I got over it. Thoth lay in bed with me and we cuddled. It was so pleasant. Sis knocked on the door. We were in a cuddly embrace. “I caught you.” she said when I got up. Sis trimmed my hair for me. I felt so pretty.

She and I got dressed and went to the bank together. She found out by accident how much money I have in my/our account. We never talk about the money we make. “I’m proud of you. You’re actually saving for your future. I never knew that.” she said. We had an interesting conversation about money as we walked home. We went home and got Thoth. He was all dressed. I felt proud of what we’ve accomplished as a couple. We went to Bagleterria for breakfast. I got the most delicious bagel with chicken, spinach and pesto. Yum! “I feel envious.” sis said. “I did everything the “right” way. I graduated from college and got jobs. Now I have no life. You did it the “wrong” way. You dropped out of college and moved to New York. Now you’re successful.” she said. “I followed my heart. You did what other people wanted you to do.” I said.

It’s interesting that my sister finally knows how successful I am. She said she tells her friends this lifestyle is only temporary. Now she knows that’s not true. It’s irritating that she has to know how much money I make to know I’m successful. I should be clear I am by the fact I can travel the world and live in different parts of the world on my own dime. I’m very responsible with my money.

After lunch, we went home and relaxed for the rest of the day. Sis and I sat together in bed. She downloaded the rest of her iTunes music for me and I worked on my “Esh and Ee-ay” story. Thoth and I got a rejection letter from The MacDowell Colony. It made us sad. I wrote to Sarah Kernochan to tell her. Sarah said if MacDowell didn’t work out, we could probably go to Martha’s Vineyard for a month to rehearse at the Vineyard Arts Project. Sarah wrote back to me. She’s already raised half the commission! That made me so happy.

The main thing is that you are assured of being able to develop your opera in peace without having to make a living in the street for a certain period of time. That’s what the commission is for.

We went to get dinner and I told Thoth sis found out how much money we have. “I wish she didn’t know, but maybe it will be for the best.” he said.

The Met and Walking Out of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”

Tuesday October 28th 2014

When I got up, Thoth had left a note saying he left to do laundry at 10:20. Sis got up and went to get something for breakfast. She gave me half of her bagel and I had some yogurt. Thoth came home with the laundry and we put it away. “Do you want to come to The Met with us?” I asked. “No. I thought about it.” he said. We got ready and I kissed Thoth and we took the subway to The Met.

It’s such a beautiful museum. We haven’t been there in at least 8 years. We explored the Egyptian exhibit, then saw the American wing, then the Greek Sculptures. I listened to my ipod and danced around. Someone who worked at the museum recognized me from our film shoot yesterday. We decided to walk from 86th Street to 59th and get salads for dinner before the show. Then we walked to 44th Street so I could buy tickets for Thoth and me to see to Phantom of the Opera at the end of November. Our friend Mike is treating us to the best seats in the house. I felt very blessed. Sis was immensely tired. She held onto me from behind and closed her eyes.

We picked up our tickets to A Gentleman’s Guide and got in line and fooled around. We were very excited to see the show. We were let into the theatre and went up to the balcony. “I have no idea what to expect,” I said. “Should I be excited?” “Yes.” sis said. “You’re gonna laugh from beginning to end.” I heard a woman say at the end of the row. When the show started, It didn’t catch my attention at all. It wasn’t even funny. We watched for a half an hour. Neither of us laughed or clapped. We looked at each other a few times. “If it doesn’t get better, we can leave at the intermission.” sis whispered to me. “I wanna go.” I whispered. “You wanna go now?” sis said. “Yes.” I said. We got up and left. “I can’t believe it was so bad!” I got a smoothie at Jamba Juice and we took the train home. We were sad and disappointed about the show. “I wonder if we can get a refund.” I said. I hugged Thoth when we got home. He made a new red circle skirt and went to the grocery store. I took a shower, wrote my blog, and went to bed. Long day!

Behind-The-Scenes Filming in Central Park for “Anya”

Monday October 27th 2014

I didn’t sleep last night. Thoth got me up at 8. I told him to wake me at 7:30. “We’re going to be late. Why did you wake me up late?” I said. “I forgot.” Thoth said. Sal texted us as we walked out the door. “Call time pushed back to 9:15.” “Good. We’ll be on time.” I said. It wasn’t as chilly as I was expecting when we walked to the subway. The train was packed, but emptied out once we got into the city. “Can you imagine if we had to do this every day?” I said. We got to the 72nd Street entrance to the park and saw Sal unpacking his gear. He put everything on a rolling cart. His wife Summer came to help, of course. Sal gave me a light pink sweater to wear for the shots. I was excited!

Left to right: Director Sal and his brother Lou. Photo by Summer Basilone.

Left to right: Director Sal and his brother Lou. Photo by Summer Basilone.

We first did some shots along the park. Once that was done, Sal’s brother came and we moved into the park. I listened to my iPod while we walked. It was a beautiful day. We did more shots in the park. Movie making is less about acting and more about being patient and taking direction well. It’s the people behind the camera who do all the work. Most of the shots were just me today. I got more tired as the day went on.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

We took a break at a bridge for hotdogs and found Dan, our photographer, who’d come to see us film. Sis found us at the bridge, too. She was all dressed up in some of my clothes. She looked so cute! She helped me with my makeup.

Photo by Dan Rubin.

Photo by Dan Rubin.

After lunch, we went to another bridge to film where it was less crowded. People were blocked on either side of the bridge while we filmed. Now I understand how hard it is to keep pedestrians out of shots! Interesting.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

Photo by Summer Basilone.

Thoth got to be in the bridge shot. He looked amazing, like he was from another planet. I don’t wanna give anything away. 🙂 Our light disappeared and we finished up.

We have to get up early on Thursday to film the shots we missed today, then we have to film “Tango” in the Angel Tunnel 3 times with full costume and makeup. That’s going to be another long day. It’s amazing we’re making this film with so little money! We’re really doing it! When we finished, Dan, sis, Thoth and I walked to Chirping Chicken for dinner. “I’m so tired.” I said leaning on Thoth. After dinner, we took the train home. I wrote my blog and got in bed. I’m so tired!

Sunday Prayformance at the Angel Tunnel

Sunday October 26th 2014

I got up late today. I just wasn’t worried about getting to the park on time. No need to worry anymore. Sis read my “Esh and Ee-ay” story. The train was delayed a little, but we still got there with plenty of time to set up. Miriam was singing when we arrived. That was weird. Usually we’re there before her. Sis sat on the pillar drawing us while we got ready. “Your story inspired me. It was so creative. I want to see you write a whole story about it.” she said. A big crowd gathered around, waiting for us to start. That happens sometimes. I’m not sure why.

On the weekends, there are more people, but they are less energetic and more sheepish. On the weekdays, there aren’t as many people, but they’re more energetic. We like weekdays better. Today a man gave us a drawing of his because he didn’t have any money.

A Gift.

A Gift.

In the middle of our set, a woman came over and asked how much it would cost for us to play for her. Turns out, she wanted us to play a Lindsey Sterling song. “We only play our original music.” I said. It irritated me. I sang my solo today. Sometimes I don’t because my voice is tired. I had a nice crowd, but when I finished, no one moved a muscle. It made me sad. I wonder what’s going through people’s heads when they don’t do anything. They just stand there. They want to listen, but they don’t want to participate. I feel like I’m making love with the audience when I’m performing. When they don’t clap or react after a piece, it’s like having an unfulfilled orgasm. It’s a let down. Thoth felt sad for me. It makes him annoyed. “I might as well have not sung.” I said before we started “Tango.”


Taking a Break.

When we packed up and went upstairs, sis and Thoth talked about it. She can relate. Sometimes she’s done shows and with only 5 people in the audience. She’ll put on a great performance, and the audience doesn’t respond. “I know it’s much harder what you do, being out in public working your butts off every day. ” she said. She was much better today. We went to La Bonbonniere for dinner and stuffed ourselves. Thoth was in a good mood and made me feel better.

We went home, showered and sat in bed writing our blogs. I called Sal and discussed what we need to wear for tomorrow’s film shoot in the park. I tried on my outfit and got everything ready to get up early tomorrow morning. I hope sissy comes with us. Dan, our photographer, is going to meet us there in the afternoon to take pictures. He sent us some amazing pictures of the film shoot from last Sunday. It showed me how beautiful the film is going to be. Sis and I are seeing another show on Tuesday night and hopefully Wednesday, then we film again on Thursday and sis goes home to Tennessee.