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Dinner with Forrest

Monday March 31st 2014

I acted this morning for a few hours. Jim came home and got my sister up. I spent the day finishing my Quidam drawings and listening to music. Our friend Forrest wrote to us saying he got sprayed in the face by gasoline yesterday! He tried to go bouldering with a friend, but his eyes hurt too much so he had to go to the hospital. He’s ok though. The good news is he was offered a job for the competitor of the last place he worked! He’s been unemployed for 9 months! I’m glad he has a job finally! He picked us all up at 7 and took us to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I love being with Forrest. He’s a scientist, a rock climber and loves heavy metal, but he is one of our biggest fans. Him and our photographer from New York, Dan Rubin. They both come to see us the most often and are very generous. They are our patrons. I do wish we had more people who were our loyal fans, but then again we are extremely lucky to have two. I am very grateful to them. I hug Forrest a lot these days. I can’t help it. He’s so good to us. Thoth doesn’t mind.

My sister came to dinner with us. She always says a little too much than she should. I have learned to be more sensitive to others, but she hasn’t yet. She says whatever’s on her mind. I put up with all her mishaps because she’s my sister. Yes, I do get upset when I have to clean up for her, but I’m not going to disown her. Thoth feels the same. We both have a desire to help her. I had to grow up fast because Thoth and I have lived with so many people over the years. I got a real kick in the pants when were were staying with people in Amsterdam in 2009. The wife got upset I wasn’t helping around the house. It was humiliating, but a major wake up call for me. Thoth got pretty upset with me back then for not helping him, wither. “I feel like your slave.” he once said. Growing pains hurt!

Balloon Portrait

Sunday March 30th 2014

Me and my sister.

Me and my sister.

I was so freaking tired this morning, but I still got up before the double digits. Sis got up soon after. She went to help Jim at work and came back before it was time to go. We danced to some music outside. “She has good moves.” Jim said about me. That’s nice of him to say! All three of us biked to the park. I love biking with my sister. The seat hurt her butt. Poor baby.

At the park, she went to listen to the organ concert while we set up. A few people were asking when we would start. One woman said she brought some friends to see us. Thoth saw mean Ranger Parrish in the doorway near us. It completely threw us off for a moment. We were afraid to start in case he came over and harassed us. I always think, “This is the last time we’ll play here.” when that happens. Thankfully, he disappeared and we were able to start without being bothered.

I think we look so cute together.

I think we look so cute together.

There was a birthday party on the lawn and all the children came over to watch us during “Anya.” Children are always attracted to us. During “Romanza,” Thoth had a blast playing with them. It was really cute, at first. During the “Waltz,” all the kids made a game out of screaming and running away whenever Thoth looked at them. They were scared of him, sort of. I understand the kids hadn’t the vaguest conception they could be distracting us, but why didn’t the parents? I was immensely irritated the parents didn’t shush them immediately. Children would never be allowed to scream like that at a concert.

We had really, really big audiences today, but so few people came forward, even when sis told everyone we had CDs. I don’t get it. Can someone please explain this to me? Seriously, why do so many people gather to watch us and then they don’t come forward to show their appreciation? Do we intimidate people? We’re not doing this for charity. It’s a lot of work. People are lucky to see us in the park for free. I don’t know. Sometimes it really bugs me, sometimes it doesn’t. Today it did. I know it’s because I was expecting us to do well because we did well yesterday. Whenever I expect anything I am always disappointed. The only people who really stepped forward were the people who came specifically to see us.

Karla Mi Lugo's drawing of us!

Karla Mi Lugo’s drawing of us!

A man who asked for “Dune Dancing” yesterday came back again to day. Steven, a man who saw Thoth 13 years ago came to see us. Sleeveless the Magician came over to say hi. “A friend of mine is coming over to see you.” he said. Karla, a busker we met 3 years ago in SF, drew our portraits on a balloon while watching us and gave it to us. She was so adorable! She lives here now and wants to be our friends. She’s my age! She said she got all dressed up just for us. “I think I fell in love with you two today. Just a little bit.” sis said.

Photo by Stephanie Skinner.

Photo by Stephanie Skinner.

Stephanie came to photograph our ride home. After packing up, we biked to our favorite smoothie place and Stephanie took pictures of us eating our snack. A 3 year old girl wanted to talk to me, but she was too shy to even look at me. She had a pink dress on. We went home and Stephanie photographed us getting undressed, eating dinner and relaxing. “This is so weird, sis.” my sister said. “It’s like you guys are famous.” Stephanie went home and I got into writing. Sis and I took a nice shower together. “Why did you fall in love with us today, sis?” I asked. “You two are so cute and your music is really beautiful. It’s too bad your music doesn’t have more exposure.” she said. “I no longer feel I have to be like Thoth. He is scary and crazy during prayformance and I am elegant and feminine. I don’t jump around like he does, and I don’t have to.” I said. “It’s like your the princess.” my sister said.

Sissy Helps Us in the Park

Saturday March 29th 2014

Me and my sister!

Me and my sister!

Sweeties together.

Sweeties together.

I got up before the double digits and edited my blog. My sister got up and I put makeup on. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to stay home with Jim or go to the park with us. While I was hugging her, Jim playfully pushed me away and grabbed her. “She’s mine!” he said. We played tug of war with her. He grabbed my arm. It hurt. I do wish we could live alone, but we can’t afford it. We have to make sacrifices for doing this work.

Thoth and I started talking about the show last night. We were blissed out after singing together. This morning though, he became very aware how few people were actually there. It’s hard not to think it’s our fault. We then started talking about our lack of longterm fans and support. The only person who has remained steadfast in San Diego has been Forrest. Everyone else has drifted away. It made me sad to think about. People seem to adore us in the moment of witnessing us, then they forget about us. Jim gave us cards for the next show. We’ve been asking him since the first show to bring the price down. Why would people pay so much for a ticket when they can see us in the park for free? Less and less people have been coming and no one comes back either.

Sis wanted to stay home. I was looking forward to her biking with us, but I didn’t want her to feel forced. “I’m sad sis,” I said and told her how I felt. She decided to come with us. As expected, she biked ahead, despite that it’ll hurt a lot tomorrow. At the park, a man was playing along to music out of a speaker right next to our spot. I got very sad again. When the song finished, we said hello and asked when he’d be finished. “Well my 2 hours is up in 20 minutes…” he said. Thoth cut him off saying, “Well if that’s good for you then that’s good for us.” but he said, “… but I’ll probably play more.”  We got friendly with him and he decided to pack up and go.

“I’m not good enough to make money doing this.” he said. “It’s good to be friendly. That always softens people.” I said to Thoth. Forrest came. We all hugged him. “Does the paint I gave you work ok?” he asked. “Everything is perfect.” I said.

The constant wind during prayformance was annoying. It was blowing my poof around. Ugh! We play in a passage way that is cold no matter what it’s like in the sun. My sister was in charge of selling CDs. She did a great job. A man asked for us to play “Dune Dancing.” He waited the entire prayformance to hear it. When we finished, I hugged Forrest goodbye and we planned dinner all together for Monday night. “I’ll make sure nothing gets in the way.” Forrest said. Sis biked home alone. Thoth and I packed up and biked to the grocery store before going home.

We gave sis a percentage from our take for selling CDs today. She was very happy. She went to Art Lab to see a show and Thoth made dinner. I took out all the canvases and brushes and paint Forrest brought me last night! He’s so generous! After eating, I sat down to write. Sis came home and I made dinner for her. “I kind of want to ask you for compensation for your meal.” I said. “Sis,” my sister said. “You’re being selfish. You have way more money than me.” she said. “Should I ask her for money?” I asked Thoth. “Well, is there any offering of money?” Thoth said. “No.” I said. I made her dinner. “There’s no thought that you’re using our food, sis. Why should we pay you and pay for your food, too? I’m even cooking it for you.” I said. “I don’t mind doing this for you, I’d just like a little appreciation.” “Now I feel bad.” sis said. “God, I feel just like Thoth.” I said. “I bet you Jim won’t thank me for dinner.” Jim came home, ate and didn’t thank me. I looked at my sister. “See?” I mouthed. Sis went over and told Jim to thank me. He did. While I drew, I listened to a lot of musicals I used to listen to when I was young.

Sissy Arrives and Art Lab Show

Friday March 28th 2014

My sister arrived early this morning and went back to bed. I got up at 9:30 and started drawing faces on my sketch I did yesterday. Marianne commented that one of my drawings looks a bit like Gustav Klimt’s art. I looked him up, and was immensely inspired. It doesn’t matter if anyone appreciates my art or music in my lifetime, but it could affect people positively in the future. Kind of how my mother’s music had affected me. I just need to make as much art and music and writing as I can so there will be something left when I’m gone. I want to leave good works behind. Thoth does, too. Our music will exist forever.

We received an email from a London fan . She said we could stay with her! That makes it a lot easier to visit there. My friend James is in a Philippe Glass opera called “In the Penal Colony” in June. I want to go see him. I’ll be in the UK, and I should take advantage of it. Who knows when we’ll visit there again!

I woke my sister up and we cuddled for a bit before taking a bike ride. I saw a cover story about the Evangelists taking over Balboa Park. It made me angry. Why would they publish an article about something ugly happening in the park when they is something beautiful happening just a few yards away? Why couldn’t they do an article about us? We stopped at Art Lab. It’s being remodeled.

We went to a coffee shop and had breakfast and talked. When I was young, I used to go to a Christian camp called Camp Desoto. I hated it. All of my cousins went there, too, and none of them liked me. I was too out-of-the-box for them. They were cliquey, and my sister was a goody two shoes, not a good combination. One summer, my cousins blamed me for reading my cousin Paige’s journal and spent the entire month ganging up on me. It was the most horrible month of my life. Paige read from her journal about how much she hated me saying, “Well, you’ve read it anyway.” My cousin Olivia cornered me on my trunk telling me how much better my sister was than me. I ran out of the cabin crying. I was 10 years old. No one sympathized with me, not even the older councilors. They all thought I had done it. My sister admitted to me a few months later that in fact she had done it. I’ve forgiven her, but I’ve never been able to forgive my cousins. They never apologized. That’s one major reason I no longer go to family gatherings. Anyway, sis and I talked about that. I was wondering how she felt about it. “I was scared to loose my good girl reputation.” she said.

We biked home and I worked on my drawing. Sis went to Art Lab to help clean up. When she came back, we listened to music and danced around the house. I come out of my shell more when my sister is around. She’s the only person I like hanging out with besides Thoth. She makes a lot more noise around the house than I do.

I got ready for our performance. Sissy sold tickets at the door. Only 10 people showed up! I was upset, as I always am when a lot of people don’t come, but I let it go. The acoustics were so beautiful, we had a great performance. The space was bigger and the stage was lower to the ground. Even though it was only 10 people, they were completely there with us and clapped so generously after every piece. We had fun talking in our language and my sister laughed a lot. We even played a piece we haven’t played in a long time! Forrest was there. He comes to every one of our shows. We had a talk back with the audience afterwards. Everyone stayed. Thoth was very philosophical. He gets that way after prayformance. My sister said, “That was the best show you’ve ever done. You didn’t let the lack of audience affect you. You were on fire!” Forrest brought me a bag of canvases I can use to make paintings! I hugged him about 6 times. He is one of the most generous, loving people I’ve ever known. We are so lucky to have a friend like him.

We went home and Thoth made a bunch of zucchini pasta for us. Sissy liked it! She wanted more! I wanted to draw, but I was too tired so I wrote and went to bed.

Drawing Quidam Art

Thursday March 27th 2014

I had a bit of a hard morning. Felt like I couldn’t draw. It’s like I’m manic depressive. Thoth said, “Just do something simple.” I got to work pretty fast after that, drawing people from Quidam. I put pink in my hair and let it sit while I drew. It took me 5 hours to get the body proportions of the contortionists right. It’s hard to draw a bunch of bodies intertwined! I found “Bang! Zoom” by Bobby McFerrin, an album I used to listen to a lot when I was a teenager. It was so nice to listen to again! I washed out the pink after 2 hours and started drawing Zoe beneath the contortionists. I’m going to add faces and shadows to them later. My sister will be here tomorrow until Wednesday night! She’s coming to our show tomorrow night and will bike to the park with us this weekend.