Monthly Archives: January 2014

First Art Lab Show

Friday January 31st 2014

Rested all day. I ate lunch late and got in my makeup. We biked to Art Lab and got ready. Almost 50 people came! They were laughing as Jim  introduced us! We were planning on speaking in our language the entire prayformance. As Thoth was drinking water after “Anya,” I took the plunge and spoke to the audience. “Ay-yoo teza menz? Voce la coco do vas men za?” I said. It was fun! I spoke to a woman sitting in the front row. People laughed and really enjoyed it. “Such joy!” one audience member expelled. Afterwards we had an hour talk back. Practically everyone stayed! Thoth almost lost our money on the way home! It was lying right outside the gate, thank goodness! He made caesar salad for us again. Jim loved our language. He had suggested that we speak to the audience explaining what we do and what the songs mean. I called my sister last night asking if we should speak. “No. It’s better when you don’t. It makes it more like a theatre piece.” she said. I took her advice. And it was really good advice! I can trust my sister for good advice in that regard. We forgot to bring the camera so we didn’t get to make a video today.




Low Pressure

Thursday January 30th 2014

I was depressed all day, so was Thoth. The low pressure hit us hard. Thoth slept all day. Finally he felt better when we had some wine and made dinner. I finally started on a new drawing, with colored pencils no less! Listening to Koyaanisqatsi!

Pink Pinkie Pinks

Sunday January 26th 2014

Sparkly fairy face and little monster Bunny.

Sparkly fairy face and little monster Bunny.

Sparkly face hiding in a nest of tulle.

Sparkly face hiding in a nest of tulle.

I tired some pixie makeup! Just threw color on my face. Lots of kids. Lots of energy! Pink pinkie pinks! After “Heaven Scent” people clapped in such a generous way it made me want cry! Best Sunday since we’ve been here!