Monthly Archives: December 2013

Drawing Day 14: Erik at the Graveyard

Tuesday December 31st 2013

I took a long time getting started drawing today. I tried acting in the morning, but I wasn’t into it. I took a long time looking for something to draw. Once I got started, though, I had fun. I drew a picture of Michael Crawford in his feather hat he wears during “Wandering Child” in Phantom of the Opera. It’s such a beautiful photograph of him. I wasn’t able to make my drawing look like him exactly, but I liked it anyway. We met my sister at Plearn for New Year’s Eve dinner. Thoth wanted to get some champaign at Trader Joe’s, but it was closed. Nancee came home early from her friend’s house. She and Thoth brought up some champaign glasses with bubble water and pink lemonade and we toasted to the New Year. I got a big smooch from Thoth when it struck midnight. We went to bed at 2am.

Drawing Week 3, Day 13

Monday December 30th 2013

Thoth packed up and went to his mom’s house. Nancee left for work and I took some private time to myself. My sister showed up uninvited and I was pissed. She wanted me to stop and pay attention to her. When I finished, she came upstairs and talked to me. She had a hard day at work and was worried about her relationship with Brett. I made something to eat. Sis wanted me to come to her house. I didn’t want to, but I agreed just so long as she let me draw. We went to her house and I sat in her bed and drew while she played music and packed. She’s moving to a new house tomorrow. I drew James again, this time from farther away. I drew his hands quite well. At 7pm, I was finished so sis and I drove to the grocery store and got something for dinner. We went home, heated up our food and watched a scary movie. Sis took me home at 11:30pm and we talked in the car about my travels. She was fascinated. I let myself in the back door. Nancee was asleep and the house was dark. I had some yogurt and touched up my drawings before going to bed.


Drawing Day Off: Visiting Michael.

Sunday December 29th 2013

I slept late and acted until 1pm. Thoth came in bed and cuddled me and I got up. I made smoothies and we got ready to go visit Michael. Nancee drove us. His Mama Rimba was set up in the driveway. We spent two hours listening to him play and filming him. We didn’t have to see Andrea. “She’s having a hard day.” was all Michael said. After he played three songs, he showed us his chickens, we walked around the labyrinth and ate some persimmons off his tree. He kissed all of us on the cheek. Michael is such a tease. We all love him, and yet we can’t see him very much. We went to A Cote with Nancee. She treated us. She told me something interesting about Michael. I love Michael and I want him to be happy. He’s almost completely unavailable because of his family commitments. After dinner, we went home and Thoth got in bed and I got on my computer. He got up a little later and I watched Hunger Games.


Drawing Day 12

Such sweet cuddlie wuddles!

Saturday December 28th 2013

I love doing symmetrical white and pink makeup.

I got up at 10:45am and sat outside with Thoth drinking smoothies. He was sad. I went upstairs to start drawing but sissy called and invited me to lunch. I said yes. Michael had left a message. “I need to ask Thoth a question.” he said. It sounded serious so I called his number and gave the phone to Thoth. Sis picked me up and we went to Le Bateau Ivre. I realized we had a lot to eat at home, so we only got a little to eat, then went home. Thoth told me Andrea had a blowup at Michael and asked if we’d feel comfortable coming over. We decided we’d go see his trailer and go home. I started a new drawing of Erik. Sis went home and got her computer and came back. She was depressed and got in bed next to me and took a nap. I worked the rest of the day on my drawing. Another success! When I finished, we took a shower and she went home. I started getting ready for the show tonight. I dressed up kinda fancy in a long pink dress. I felt pretty. Nancee got dressed up to go, too. We left a bit after 9pm. I was excited, expecting cheering crowds like last week. We found a parking space easily and went into the venue. Paul was waiting outside to greet people. He was very calm and friendly. We looked for a place to set up the camera. A woman came over to us and said she came specifically to see us. “I’ve been watching you of Facebook since I discovered you. Your posts are very inspiring.” she said. I was touched. Nancee came. Paul came backstage and paid us. We played around 11pm. Only one piece. The energy wasn’t the same. I could feel it when I stepped out from the curtain. I sang beautifully and tried to keep my energy up though. The applause was lukewarm. I told Thoth how I felt when we got off the stage. He was concerned for me and put his arms around me. We packed up and left. Not many people said anything to us. I was disappointed. We went home and told Nancee how we felt. She went to bed and we made dinner. Thoth was all sweet and cuddly with me.


Drawing Day 11

Friday December 27th 2013

I woke up at 9:45am and acted for three hours. It was so much fun. I was extremely excited when I finished. I started drawing at 1:30pm and actually got something done! I drew James’ hands first. That took a while. Then sis came over and I finished his face and body. Thoth went to bed but I stayed up until 2am finishing my drawing and listening to Love Never Dies.