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The Documentary is Here For You to Watch!

Thursday May 5th 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.09.39 PM

The documentary we’ve been waiting for 7 years to be made about us has finally been released by The Artist Odyssey! 7 YEARS of hard work, dedication, perseverance, stubbornness, passion, commitment to Tribal Baroque and to each other. It DOES pay off. It DOES mean something!

I blasted it out by email to everyone I could think of and tagged everyone I could think of on Facebook. Such positive response from everyone! People love it. I’m excited to see what some of my old teachers and friends think. I’m so f*ing proud of this documentary! It’s beautiful.

The past few days have been crazy, but I feel much more settled now that we’re at our friend John’s house in SF. It’s very welcoming here, and we have the whole upstairs to ourselves. We’ll be here until we leave for Lisbon on the 17th. It feels wonderful being with good friends who love us and care about us. It melts our fears and concerns away, of which we have many. I’m not really looking forward to the Lisbon trip. I’m dreading it actually! Really early flight out, all day to NYC, 5 hour layover, then all night to Lisbon, then we have to keep ourselves awake all day so we can adjust in Lisbon. I probably won’t sleep the night before the trip either, so I’ll be sleep deprived. We’ll survive.

People who aren’t me or Thoth see our life as this magical world of travel and success. It’s not all fun and games, but it’s good to have a perspective and see that it is an amazing life we lead and it is amazing we can do it how we do it. Sometimes I get pulled into how overwhelmingly scary and uncertain it can be, but things like this documentary would have never happened if we didn’t live the way we do.

Just the other night, I was wondering how we could emotionally, physically and psychotically cope with continuous traveling in the future. That’s because the drive to and adjustment to a new place was a particularly draining this time around. We felt more upended than usual, even though Tasha came with us. It was really helpful to have her with us all day yesterday and on our trip. Seeing my sister today and yesterday helped, too.

The feeling of being in a routine for a few months and then being completely uprooted, and then settling down again is draining. We’re in one place for long enough (2-4 months) we get used to it, especially in New York or Lisbon or San Diego, and then we have to pack up everything we own and move somewhere else. When we’re settled, I fool myself into thinking we have a home, but when we have to pack up and go, I realize we have no home. That’s what we’ve chosen, and that’s the only way I can see us living a life like this. I can’t really fathom living somewhere all year round and never leaving. Even living in New York for 7 months a few years back was too much for us. We go nuts when we’re in one place for too long. We have to be uncomfortable for short periods of time to be comfortable in the long run.

We have wonderful friends, though. I am so grateful for that!

An Experience to Help Me Resolve My Feelings

Saturday October 17th 2015

I had two nightmares this morning. In the first, we had jumped off a sinking ship with all our things on it and I was drowning. In the second, we were at Burning Man and I drove to the ocean and couldn’t find my way back. Weird.

It was the first cold day in Central Park. It feels like Fall now. IMG_20151017_140757071I had an interesting experience. We were all set up in the front of the tunnel and I was sitting cross legged on my towel waiting for Thoth to come back from the restroom before beginning prayformace. There was a large group of teenagers standing to the left of the tunnel looking in at me. One girl led everyone in and they all gathered around our sign sitting on my violin case to read it. The girl read parts of it aloud. “2-10 dollars for taking pictures? Of what? She’s not doing anything!” she said. “She hasn’t started yet. She starts at 3, see?” a boy chimed in, pointing to the sign. They were speaking about me as if I wasn’t there. I took out the phone and started typing the conversation to put on my blog later. I felt very scrutinized and judged. It made me immensely uncomfortable, but I remained quiet and still. Thankfully the teens were called away, but one boy lingered behind. “You’re a statue performer on your phone. Not worth my dollar!” he said as Thoth came back. Thoth laughed, having heard what the boy said as he passed. I told him what happened.

The experience taught me something. Those kids are just like the people who have criticized us on the internet. They have no understanding about who we are or what we’re doing, so it doesn’t matter what they think. They’re making judgments based on false assumptions, just like the kids were. They don’t know what they were talking about. They stare and judge and make comments about something they have no connection to. Why does it matter what they think? They’re just uninformed idiots. It’s ironic that they were so critical, and we had a fantastic prayformance. IMG_20151017_173016427We had huge audiences for a while, but then it got noisy. A couple named Erwin and Ruby who’s seen us before came down into the tunnel and sat near us to watch. They stayed for the rest of the prayformance.IMG_20151017_185446 We got the biggest applause we’ve gotten since arriving here when we finished. Lots of hooping and hollering. “You guys should be on Broadway. I don’t know why you’re here.” Edwin said. “You have an angelic voice from heaven.” Ruby said. IMG_20151017_185023“That is the truth. The people who know us know who we are. The ones who don’t know us and make judgments are just idiots.” I said.
IMG_20151017_173629932What a wonderful day.

People Came Back!

Friday August 7th 2015
IMG_20150808_005121 IMG_20150807_205018 IMG_20150807_204941I wasn’t feeling so confident today. Not sure why. I wasn’t able to figure out how to do my hair, so I let it down. I was distracted at first, but things got better. For some reason I think how I feel about how I dress will affect how others see me. No. People think I’m beautiful weather I think it or not. I get more compliments in one prayformance than most people get in their lives.

Only our big fan Max sat in the space to watch us. That’s what made the night less exciting than last night. When people sit close to us, it feels more intimate. Another fan named Joao came and bought a CD. He was very giddy. It was his first time seeing us. It was touching. An older man came in and I think he was talking while Thoth was singing. Someone in the audience shushed him. His energy was strange. He knelt down when Thoth knelt and got back up when Thoth stood up. I think he was dancing, too, but I didn’t look directly at him. He put in a tip and left. I get nervous when men act unusual around us. Later Thoth said he recognized us and said he’s a fan.

Three Canadian people who saw us just as we finished last night came to see the end of tonights show. They left us a nice tip.

“Do you want a CD?” I asked.

“No.” the man who’d left the tip said.

“Yes we do.” the other man said.

“How much is it?” the man who’d left the tip asked.

“You already gave enough.” I said.

“That was a tip.” the man said, and gave me more for a CD.

His friend bought one too. People have done that before and it always warms my heart. They asked if we’re classically trained and how long we’ve been playing together.

“6 and 1/2 years.” I said.

“And in all that time, no ones discovered you?” one asked.

They loved us. It’s so rare when someone says they’ll com back and they do.

That made our night. I felt wonderful.

Last Show of the Week

Sunday July 12th 2015IMG_20150712_204754208

I didn’t sleep well last night again. I was tired all day.

The thing that makes a good prayformance here in particular is when people sit down to watch us. If nobody sits, audiences aren’t as focused. They stand farther back and don’t commit fully to watching us.  Tonight during “Esh,” three little girls in pink came and sat in the center arch to watch us. The moment they saw me, they had to stop. They were talking loudly to each other the entire song, but ran up to get a picture with us the moment we finished.

I was really tired when we started, but I got my energy up to play. A young couple with two little children sat to the left of us and a couple from Ireland sat to the right of us until the end of our set. Both groups clearly knew us and had come to see us again. We figured out a better way to get rid of CDs. Tell people they can offer us whatever they want. That way anyone who asks about CDs get one, and we can get rid of them.
We had a nice dinner at the Italian place. We both had this delicious pasta stuffed with spinach and ham. We were so tired when we got home. We’re going to our friend Nuno’s house just outside Lisbon near the beach our next two days off. I’m looking forward to having some time off!

Magical Wonderful Fun Prayformance Tonight!

Friday July 10th 2015

I did a similar look as last night, but used different colors. I’m liking the blue on me! It matches my eyes.   IMG_20150710_203439808 IMG_20150710_205038 IMG_20150710_204426526Juda was on security tonight. I was able to get a picture of him with Thoth. He’s SO sweet!IMG_20150710_204510391 A gentleman named Jorge came up to us as we were getting ready. “You’re back!” he said. He used to watch us all the time when we were here in 2012. He was extremely excited and happy to see us. “My friends called me and told me you were here,” he said. “I stay and watch your show.”

He stood in the corner and watched us for the entire 2 hours we played. What a wonderful night! I was happy we played “Esh and Ee-ay” tonight. We had big, attentive crowds blocking the sidewalk the entire evening. People came into the space and stood along the wall. I LOVE when people do that. No one sat down, but I love when people are in the “womb” with us, so to speak.  It feels like we’re supported and safe and loved. The Spanish woman (I don’t know her name) came to see us again and watched for a LONG time. She was bobbing her head along with the music and I could see her make emotional expressions of delight when we did pretty vocal things. She was right there with us. What an amazing thing. I felt so beautiful and proud of what we are doing. Our work is meant for crowds and focused attention and cheering like tonight. I wish we could experience that every single prayformance, forever. When we finished, people clapped for a long time, led in no small part by Jorge and the Spanish lady. It took a while for the audience to disperse. I love when that happens, too. People didn’t want to leave.

We talked about the prayformance as we packed up. An old woman and her friend asked if we were finished and we told her we’d be back tomorrow night.  Two young people came over and said, “We’re waiting anxiously for you to play. We saw you in Madeira. Are you finished?” We could have played for another hour, but 2 hours is enough singing for one night!
IMG_20150710_230854250We went to Brasserie for dinner. MmmmMmmm!