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I have Unicorn Hair!!!

Wednesday January 21st 2014

I have Unicorn Hair! YAY! Finally! It came our beautifully subtle. I love it!

We got some lovely photos from Heather Allen of us performing in Balboa Park.I got some beautiful photos from Dan Rubin. He edited them to look like paintings. Aren’t they lovely?
We had a really good rehearsal/practice session today. We worked in the yoga studio out back. It was wonderful. Worked on bunch of new pieces. We’ll try them out in the park this weekend. Exciting!


Simplicities of Life, Celebrity and Hair Color

Today I was thinking about celebrities. They can sell the clothes off their back for hundreds of thousands of dollars just because they wore them. People will buy anything they wear. They are a commodity. Anything I wear, despite that it’s fashionable and creative, becomes junk once I don’t want it anymore. I think Michael Jackson’s famous glove sold for $350,000!

That’s one of the big benefits of being a celebrity, everything you own is worth a fortune. You yourself become a product. Your damn signature is worth something, and making an appearance anywhere costs millions. The downside of that is everything a celebrity does is scrutinized. Sometimes that can be good, but most of the time it’s not. Anything a celebrity does or says is reported in newspapers and online. They have no privacy. I believe privacy is worth more than gold. For example. I wouldn’t be able to take a bike ride to Sally’s Beauty Supply for hair color without paparazzi being on my butt. I love taking bike rides. While I do love getting attention, I also love being alone sometimes. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was famous. Celebrities have to then by  a security force and huge fortified houses to keep people out and have some privacy. I don’t have to worry about being followed and my every move being scrutinized. I actually can’t imagine what an emotional tole that would take on someone. I bought some more hair colors at Sally’s. “You look pretty with pink hair.” the clerk said.  “I want to change it.” I said. “Come back and show us!” he said. I bleached my roots when I came home and painted a little. Tomorrow I’ll dye my hair some rainbow colors.

Fashion Girl!

Thursday December 19th 2014

“You look like a little hippo.” sis said. 🙂

We talked to sis this morning on Skype. She recorded the dialogue for our new opera. It sounds fantastic! She had a new hair color! I loved it.



I had been wanting to go down to the Mission to buy hair dye, but I was afraid to go by myself. I actually don’t know San Francisco very well. I love going out in New York or Lisbon to shop because I know the city by heart. I got dressed up, kissed Thoth and walked to Haight. I bought some zipper earrings and got change for the bus at Buffalo Exchange. It didn’t take long for the bus to arrive. The view going down the hill was gorgeous. I wish I had our camera with me. A middle aged woman got on dressed all in black. She was talking on the phone. When she got off, she told me how much she liked my style. “I was telling my friend but you were on your earphones.” She said. She started telling me her friend sells pink vagina soaps and where I could buy one. Hmm.. Ok. Interesting…

I got off at Mission and 16th and walk to Thrift town. Michael had called. I shopped around a bit, then called him back. We talked about the new album and my belting. “It’s very raw and vulnerable. I’ve never heard you sing like that before. It’s kind of like a woman giving birth.” he said. He always has interesting perspective on things. I bought two new dresses and a skirt, all of which I was in heaven over (especially the one with the bow!)

Zipper Dress.

Zipper Dress. I can really punk this one up with a lot of safety pins. 🙂

This could be a prayformance skirt if I want.

This could be a prayformance skirt if I want.

Bow Dress, my favorite!

Bow Dress, my favorite! I can’t get away from loving pink things!

Isn't this bow so cute?! OMG!

Isn’t this bow so freakin’ adorable?! OMG!

Thrift Town is an amazing store to find cool, cheap clothes. While I was trying things on in a mirror, a guy said, “You look like a mannequin.” Nice! I took a walk up 16th street from Mission and found Sally’s Beauty Supply. I bought Bubble Head Pink and Raspberry Kamikaze from Beyond the Zone and Fuchia from Color Brilliance Brights. I took the 33 home again. It went a different way, which was cool. I got off at Haight and walked home. Thoth called. “I’m worried about you.” he said. “I’m almost home.” I said. So cute.

Thoth had done a little grocery shopping and got me a small bottle of conditioner to do my hair. I mixed up a little of the colors in a bowl to see what they looked like. I’m not sure what color I’m going to do yet… I modeled my new dressed and gave myself some black eyeliner. I haven’t worn black eyeliner in 5 years!

"It makes your eyes pop." Thoth said.

“It makes your eyes pop.” Thoth said.

I’m so into my fashion!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Incorporating Black


Trying new things.

Wednesday December 17th 2014

We got all dressed up and went for a walk to Height Street. We went in the steampunk store. Everything’s very expensive, but amazing. “I would buy everything here if I had the money.” Thoth said. “You two are so cute. I wish I had a camera.” the owner said. We went in the tranny store, but everything seemed tacky. We walked to the corner where there were a bunch of grunge people hanging out. One guy had a siamese kitten sitting on his shoulders. “You can pet him.” he said, so I did. “Thank you.” I said. “Thank you for your existence.” he said as we walked away. We went into Heldover where I bought some black stockings, then to Buffalo Exchange where I bought a black tie, a silver necklace and some spiky black boots! I’ve never had anything like those before! I’m wanting to incorporate black into my style. Black and pink look cool together. I wanted to get some suspenders, but I couldn’t find any I liked. “You’re style is awesome by the way.” a girl who worked there said when I came out of the dressing room. I need to buy some black eyeliner next!

My new boots.

My new boots.

I really wanted to go to Sally’s and buy some unnatural hair dyes, but it’s a 34 minute bus ride and I was too hungry. Instead we walked home and I tried on my new clothes. John came in and asked about our busted hard drive. We don’t have it with us, but he offered to stop by Nana’s house in Oakland and have a look at it before we leave. He might be able to fix it! We snacked on hummus and made tuna melts for lunch. John played an old recording of Thoth and Rhan at Oregon Country Fair. It was amazing to hear. I called mom. She called me twice yesterday. We had a good talk. I was nonjudgmental and listened and reflected things back to her. I felt mature. Glen arrived unexpectedly. I don’t like him at all because he’s a complete slob and takes over the entire downstairs when he’s here. We’re having a party on Saturday and we need to clean things up tomorrow. It makes me want to go to Annie’s house down the street. We took to our room and worked on editing the album for the rest of the day. In the evening, I made us a salad and Thoth helped me heat up the leftover salmon. Yum. I got in a bad mood, which transferred to Thoth, but it was my period, as usual. I was prepared. I took a shower and was really tired, but I wrote my blog before going to bed.

“I Like Your Style.”

Monday October 20th 2014

We went to a new sushi place near 4th Street for lunch. We got a nice table near the window to people watch. I finally got my sushi fix! We went to a frozen yogurt place next door for dessert. A cute girl was staring at us through the window. She came inside. “I don’t mean to bother you while you’re eating, but can I take your picture?” she asked. “Sure.” I said. “I love your style.” she said. I was dressed all in pink and Thoth was in his black kilt and brown suede jacket. He looked kind of gypsy-ish and I looked kawaii-ish. Opposites. 🙂 I like that our styles are so different. I think bandmates usually have similar styles, but ours compliment each other by being completely different. I would have never thought of that before I met my husband.

I finally have an all pink and white wardrobe! It took me years to collect it and make it my own. I love pink. Even when I was a baby, mom and dad dressed me in pink and my sister in blue. I freakin’ love my pink hair. The longer it gets, the more I can do with it. Every time I bleach and dye it, it’s a different color pink. I’ve never had hair this long. I don’t think I’ll ever cut it again. Thoth looks cute with his head shaven and his little puff. He was very playful and happy today. He was stressed out this weekend. I think he feels better now the theatrical shoot is finished.

I can’t wait to see the movie! I think it’s going to be gorgeous! A lot of people have come together to make it happen! I can’t really believe Sal is putting so much money and time and energy into this project. He’s so passionate about it! He’ll be in post production for months. I already know it’s going to be amazing because the little short he made of us in the park was amazing. He’s making something out of what we have to offer. He’s not only paying us, he’s going to give us a beautiful film of our work! I am flabbergasted at his and the team’s generosity. Sal, his wife and Nova have been so kind and generous. I trust them entirely. I can’t really believe they’re doing this. I’m 26 years old and a movie is being made about us! I’m not just in a movie, it’s about us, our work, our music, our story. Sal loves what we do so much. I can’t thank them enough.

I find it interesting that some people aren’t able to visualize us in a theatrical setting when they see us perform in public. I could easily see Thoth was the most theatrical performer I’d ever witnessed when I first stumbled upon him 6 years ago.  I remember in London, our friend Kaja and her daughter were watching a video of us on Youtube. “Why are people walking by? What are they doing? The entertainment is right there!” her daughter said. Dan is the same. He’s been a fan since the very beginning. He didn’t need fancy sets, costumes and lighting to know what we were doing. Sal could see we would look beautiful on film without any difficulty. Maybe some people don’t have a good enough imagination! 🙂

It’s interesting how I always go through an awkward stage when figuring out a new costume and headdress. I’ve been trying to create a new look for about a month and a half, and by the time we started shooting, I finally figured out something I love. That always happens. I let go of one look and create a new one. I always get tired of a look, even when I think I’ll wear it forever. I wore my tulle headdress for 2 years I loved it so much. But eventually it didn’t look good as my hair got longer, and I wanted to start using my real hair. For the past 6 or so years of prayforming, I’ve never been able to use my real hair as a headdress. It was never long enough. Our friend Michael (the hand drummer) inspired me to grow it out. He has beautiful curly, long salt and pepper hair. I want my hair to be long and bright pink when I’m 60.