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The Opera is In Great Shape!

Friday August 14th 2015

I’m having so much fun with tulle. My looks are so colorful now. I used to just wear baby pink, now I’m a pastel rainbow!
IMG_20150814_203941 IMG_20150814_203921 IMG_20150814_204004 IMG_20150814_203642678 IMG_20150814_203808308 IMG_20150814_203836802 IMG_20150814_204028470IMG_20150814_204123501 IMG_20150814_205433976Tonight’s prayformance was great. The opera is in great shape. We played it especially well tonight. Lots of energy. We sped up one section and it made it more energetic. Our choreography is getting much better, too. Things are all coming together, and this is our last full week of playing it. There’s an arch, lots of emotion and I’m much more confident. It’s taken an entire year to get here, but we do have a work now that I’m very proud of. I wish everyone could hear it. We need to record it again. IMG_20150814_225547379We went to Nood and said goodbye to all our friends. Paulo has known us for years. IMG_20150815_003704

A Magical, Wonderful Final Prayformance in Balboa Park!

Sunday May 3rd 2015

I did some frilly makeup today.

Today's look.

Today’s look.

I even braided my hair. I love when my roots are all white. Got to be all pretty for our final prayformance!

Pretty braids.

Pretty braids.

We got a Square, which enables us to accept credit cards in the park. We’ve always wanted to get one, but we didn’t have a smartphone. I also wondered if it would cost money, but you’re only charged a small percentage per sale.

Forrest and Tasha arrived to pick us up. As we were setting up to play, lots of people showed up and we were able to use Square immediately. Forrest, Tasha, Bill, Ali, Becca, Mel, Carissa, Ida, Yeshe, Tony, Kevin and many people who’s names I don’t know came. It made me SO happy. We’ve jumped a level, just like THAT! I told Forrest and he was very happy for us. I was sure lots of people were coming, but of course I was super happy that many people came.

The fans.

The fans.

The view.

The view.

More and more people showed up as we played. Such lovely fans and friends! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends! Since Thursday’s filming of the opera, we have worked out more things, it’s fantastic. We took requests after playing the opera. “‘Waltz’!” Ali said. “‘Gypsy Dance’!” Kevin said. “If we played ‘Romanza’ would that make you happy?” I asked Forrest. “Yes.” he said. We started with ‘Romanza,’ but we both had no idea what key it was in. Fuck. Eventually we let it go and came up with something new. We had so many fans there, lots of them noticed. I like that they noticed. When we finished, Forrest said at one point he could tell things were going a different direction and said “This is gonna be awesome.” “What was that second to last piece?” Mel asked. “It was supposed to be ‘Romanza,’ but we forgot what key it was in. It turned into ‘Sea Expressions.'” I said. “It was a mashup.” Mel said laughing.

We hugged our friends and packed up for dinner. Bill cried. He always cries when we leave. Forrest, Tasha and Della waited for us. We were both in high spirits and laughing. I was cursing like I do, which makes Forrest laugh a lot. “I’m only doing it to make him laugh.” I said.

Forrest carrying our violin cases.

Forrest carrying our violin cases.

We all 5 of us drove to dinner at King’s Fish House. 10 people came. It was so pleasant. Tribal Baroque fans unite! I am so happy to have so many friends and fans here. It makes coming here so wonderful and fun. 

On the way home, Forrest said, (I’m paraphrasing here.) “Even when you think you totally suck, you’re blowing people’s minds.” It’s hard to remember that, but it’s true. We need a little Forrest in our pockets so whenever we’re sad we can take him out and he says nice things!

Thank you friends. Thank you San Diego. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for caring about us. Thank you for making us feel welcome here. Thank you for coming to see us. It means so much to us that we have support here. It means so much to us that people love our music. It’s taken so long to develop a strong group of friends. Now whenever we travel, I’m looking forward to seeing our friends. Even the most beautiful city in the world feels empty without friends. Forrest, Tasha, Mel and Carissa have all mentioned coming to see us in New York. God that would be so much fun!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see all our friends in the Bay Area!



Wednesday April 23rd 2014
I was hoping to get a message from Paul saying we’d have a place to stay in Edinburgh and an email from Joan saying she’d make my hoop skirt. Neither were there when I checked my email this morning. Why does everything have to take so long? Why can’t it just be done? I checked my messages all day waiting for someone to write back. I got a craving for sweets so I had some raspberries. I desperately want those cranberry granola cookies from Senior Mangos, but they’re still out of stock. I hope they’ll have some before we leave on Tuesday. Jenn and her husband came over at 5. She took my measurements and I gave her my prayformance skirt to sew. They’re going to L.A. tomorrow to get flowers to sew on the dress. I finally got a message from a woman on Etsy who makes hoop skirts. She said it won’t work for her to make it the length I want. I placed my order anyway and asked her to make it 27 inches. She agreed. So, Jenn is making the overlay skirt and the woman from etsy is making the hoop skirt. I hope everything works out and it looks the way I want. Thoth made the most amazing caesar salad for dinner and I made salmon. I got distracted and didn’t eat it though. Instead, I glued my drawing onto a canvas board and started painting it. When I went to scan it, though, it didn’t come out so good. I tried peeling the drawing off the canvas. Not a good idea. I got really upset and tried cutting it off with a straight razor. Another bad idea. “I’ve ruined it!” I said crying. Thoth tried giving me ideas how to fix it. He’ll resize the scan tomorrow and I’ll print it off on some better paper. I’ll never do that again. The past few paintings I’ve done have hit some major snags that have gotten me really upset. When am I going to learn my lesson?!

New Artwork

Thursday April 10th 2014

I woke up late, but I was up too late last night. I started looking into housing for our stay in Edinburg. I was just curious what the prices are. All it did was freak me out, though. It’s impossible to find housing when we’re not in the city. We always figure out housing once we’re there, in ways we could never know now. After wandering around Barcelona for 3 difficult days in 2009, we bumped in Thoth’s old friend Vicente. He let us stay with him for 2 months! That happens everywhere we go. Lisbon, Greece, Porto, Amsterdam, Marrakech, San Diego.… Miracles always happen when we jump off the cliff. We just have to close our eyes and trust that we will land safely somehow. We actually haven’t been to a new city in a few years now. Thoth says we should treat ourselves to a hotel stay for the first week as our honeymoon. That would be nice, but I don’t want to spend a month’s worth of rent for 7 days in a hotel. We always spend the most money the first week in a new city. I got so upset I went to Thoth’s recliner and lay in his arms. We talked and it made me feel better. “Don’t do something that makes you upset when you’re in a bad mood.” he said.

We got dressed and went grocery shopping. They had fresh chicken tenders. I wanted one for a moment, then decided not to. It tastes good when I’m eating it, but I feel bad afterwards. Thoth was surprised I didn’t want one. “I guess I’ve brainwashed you!” he said jokingly. “You’ve washed my brain of all the bad behavior!” I said. I made lunch for myself, but it was tasteless. I felt overwhelmed. I lay down on the couch and Thoth lay down with me. He doesn’t like when I’m sad. “Do something that makes you happy.” he said. I finally started painting at 3 o’clock.

I worked on the top painting yesterday, but I wasn’t liking it so I added more flower paper and paint. My sister likes how I cut out the models and glue them onto a painted background. “It’s unique.” she said. For the second painting, I gave it a very simple wash for a background. The first one looked too busy. I want the focus to be on the model, not the background. The only way to learn is to make mistakes. I like the colors I used for the second one. It’s simple. I’d love to make paintings with the detail of Gustav Klimt’s work. I’m inspired by his art. I would like to be a master painter, singer, dancer, violinist, makeup artist and clothing designer. I don’t think that’s possible, but that’s my vision. It works well for me to follow my own self discipline. Thoth helps me when I need him. It’s almost like I’m still in school, but this is the school of life.

I found my favorite version of Jesus Christ Superstar. That made me happy.