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Unforgettable, Magical Wedding Performance Experience

Wednesday September 20th 2016

We got up at 4am. Stayed up until 7am, I went back to sleep until 2pm. Thoth got up again at 11am. Went to get a bagel and a smoothie. Did my makeup, got dressed and took a cab to the wedding venue. It was a 20 minute ride. Pretty easy, but I was so tired I thought I would collapse. We arrived at 5pm. Viktoria ran over to greet us. She told us Yuriy was at the back. Went to say hello to him, and his best man. We relaxed while everyone ran around to get ready. They wanted us to open the ceremony. We played “Anya” while everyone took their seats. It was beautiful.

We went up to the bar to get drinks (non alcoholic) and waited until the ceremony finished. We played another song in the light of the sunset. People loved it. Lots of wonderful feedback from new friends. When Yuriy and Viktoria arrived, we played two more songs for them in a different spot. We put our instruments away and went to be seated for dinner. We’d made friends with two guys named Michael and Aly, so we asked to sit with them. They added an extra table for us! There were lots of tapas courses served and lots of speeches.

After dinner, Thoth got our stuff and the couple invited everyone in to hear our last two songs. One exuberant and playful, the last sweet and loving, “Scottish Song.” Yuriy and Viktoria were holding each other. Every time I looked at them, I started crying! That’s never happened to me before. It’s such an emotional song. It was made for couples. We all hugged and I cried. They paid us and called us a taxi. We talked with Viktoria about how amazing it was we could come. I got a bunch of our new friend’s numbers and we took the cab home. We have friends in Canada now!

Got home at 11:30pm, showered and fell into bed exhausted at midnight.

Flight to Malaga!

Monday September 19th and Tuesday September 20th 2016

Slept fine. Did a much needed chore before getting ready to go on our flight. Meli was packing up with her friend Paige to bike 100 miles to create an art sculpture in someone’s home in New Jersey. Pretty cool.

It was rainy and cloudy. I like leaving a city on a rainy day. We took the train to 34th St. Penn Station. Got big smoothies for breakfast and I got a bagel for later. The smoothies were huge. It took me from when we got on the train to Newark airport to when we checked in to finish it. It would help us get through the flight. Check in was easy because we had no bags to check in. We only brought our two rolling backpacks and our violins. That hasn’t happened since we flew to Madeira in 2010. We’ll only be in Malaga, Spain until Friday.

We were 3 hours early to our flight. I realized I’d forgotten my contact case and solution. I found a place to buy some, thankfully. We were both really tired. I fed Thoth my bagel, and had some myself. We boarded the plane for our 6 hour flight. It was pretty painless, relatively speaking. Flying back to NYC will be harder. Thoth tried to sleep, but it’s impossible to sleep on planes.

We landed somewhere around 5am, went through border control, another security and then to wait for our next one

hour flight to Malaga. It was getting painful. I checked my email and organized a way to pick up the keys to the apartment we’d be staying. The second flight was harder. We had to go on a bus to get to this very tiny plane. Annoying. Really cramped, too. Ugh.

We landed at 11am in Malaga, jumped off the plane and grabbed a cab to get the keys. Our taxi driver helped us a lot. We got to the apartment (rented for us by the bride and groom to be.) We wandered around looking for food. Both of us were too tired and cranky. We went home and Thoth found a mall area on Google maps that had food. We walked over there and had some Asian food. Yum. Eating when you’re hungry is an amazing experience.

We went home and got in bed. Slept for 3 hours or a little more. I edited the vlogs and my blog. At 9 we went back to the Asian place for more food. If we were doing this on our own we wouldn’t be eating two meals, but everything’s being paid for on this trip by the wedding couple. Thoth got some ice cream, we stayed up until 11pm and then crashed.