4th Day Recording Our New Album

Thursday December 8th 2016

I woke up “late” today. 8:15. I was annoyed. Less time to enjoy the day. I had been tired last night at 11pm and instead just lay on the floor of my bedroom listening to music, falling asleep. The days are flying by too fast! We’ve almost been here 10 days. I don’t want it to end. (I don’t say that often.) I’m now keeping a personal journal in addition to this public blog. It’s so nice for me. I feel like my old self.

Thoth and I had breakfast and headed to the studio at 1pm by Uber. We did some up tempo pieces in major keys (one which was particularity beautiful) and I did a piano piece. We both felt better today than yesterday, even though Thoth probably slept one hour last night. Poor baby. He was worrying about stuff. He’s actually doing really well for the fact we’re not prayforming this whole month. In the past, he usually got super depressed and sad.

After recording, we sat with dad for an hour to clean up the endings of all the songs we’ve made. Dad said it’s fun and different to record like this, more freely and spontaneously. We’re not having to be on a budget and a schedule so we can do whatever we want to do. Lucky us. I’ve always lived above my dad’s recording studios since I was a baby, so it was easy to take it for granted when I was younger. Not anymore! I’m so grateful. How lucky could we be? Come home and take all December off. Eat what we want, have time to ourselves and record a new album? I mean, wow.

We’ll come to the studio again tomorrow to do two more things and then dad will burn us roughs of the album to listen to over the next few days. We’ll decided what needs to be kept and worked on and then go back and fix stuff next week sometime. It was dark when we had to call an Uber to go home. The first one couldn’t find us, so dad drove us to the end of his driveway in his tiny sports car. That time the car found us. We had soup Thoth made for dinner with mommie and I went back up to my room until midnight. Got to bed on time tonight.

3rd Day Recording Our New Album

Wednesday December 7th 2016

Up at 8. Acted in my room, listened to music and wrote in my journal. Nice. Since the blender was broken, Thoth made not-as-nice smoothies with the stick blender. We sat together and ate breakfast at noon. He touched me sweetly. He loves me so much. He’s much more affectionate these days than he was years ago. He really loves me. Mom got up and we got ready to go to the recording studio. I called an Uber after Thoth got out of the shower.

Got to Dad’s at 1. I talked to him for 45 minutes before getting started. Uncle Barry, dad’s brother, came to help fix his internet and say hello. Haven’t seen him in 10 years! Dad’s having a birthday dinner on Saturday. He said I can invite Will. He’ll come pick us up. Mom has a party to go to that day too. We had trouble recording today. We were both out of it and tired. Couldn’t really pull ourselves together. We got 4 or 5 more pieces recorded though. Don’t know why we were so tired. We packed it in around 4pm and took an Uber home. We’ll record one more day tomorrow and then dad will make us copies of the album to listen to over the next few days. That way we can see what more will be needed, if anything. We already have over 20 pieces recorded. Who knows if we’ll like all of them or not!

Mom had gotten bbq for dinner. I acted and listened to music in my room for an hour or so before I was called downstairs. It was delicious. Haven’t had bbq in a very long time. Cleaned the dishes and went back up to my room until 1am.

2nd Day of Recording our New Album!

Tuesday December 6th 2016

I got up at 8am. Acted for an hour in my room and then listened to music and wrote in my journal. At noon, I heard Thoth making our smoothie and oatmeal. For some reason the blender stopped working. Damn. It was broken. One week and the thing breaks. Shit.

We got ready and I called an Uber for us to go to Dad’s studio to record for the second day. We got their at 1pm, right on time. “How’s that angelic voice doing?” Dad said when saw me. We did a drone improv, another improv that Thoth started. After that, we did our first electronic loop. I went in by myself and sang three solos. Two in my belt voice and one in my high voice. When I finished the one in my high voice, dad said into my headphones, “You’re crazy.” I am. I could never do what I did then 8 years ago. We did another electronic loop together and then I went in again by myself to do a four part improvised vocal piece. It was so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do something like that. It sounded very medieval. It was in F# Minor. So eerie and beautiful. I can’t wait for people to hear it. We finished with a funky electronic loop. We said some words…

It had been 4 hours since we got there. My voice was still feeling fine. Yesterday I tired myself out too soon. We called an Uber, hugged dad goodbye and went home. We’ll be back tomorrow. Mom was there with her puppy Sammy. He was all fluffy and clean. He’s such a sweet puppy. So loving. We sat down to have dinner. Michael C. called. We talked him while Thoth cleaned the dishes, then I went back up to my room for the rest of evening.

1st Recording Session for our New Album!

Monday December 5th 2016

8am wake up. Acted, listened to music and wrote in my new journal in my room until noon. Thoth made us breakfast and we got ready to go to Dad’s studio to begin recording our new album. We got there a little before 2. Dad took some time getting the mics set up as we got warmed up and ready to sing and play violin. We did a little quick piece so he could test the sound levels. “Every year you get better and better at playing violin.” Dad said. We did a drone improv to warm up, then I played an ostinato improv and later sang over it. That’s the great thing about recording in the studio. We don’t have to instantly sing over what we play. We can do anything we want and add more singing or violin afterwards. We then did a looping vocal piece, which was more tiring than I thought it would be. We finished at 5pm and went back to moms house. We left our things at the studio for tomorrows recording session. We went home and ate dinner with mom then I went back up into my room until midnight dancing, acting and writing. Creative, relaxing times we’re having!

I feel so blessed to be home again, and to feel safe and secure for this whole month. I don’t want it to end. We are so lucky to have mom’s beautiful, homey house to live in, whatever food to eat we want and dad’s beautiful studio to record in. We are being spoiled so much! I could get used to this. The plan is to come back every December, at least. Maybe even twice a year. It’s so nice to be able to completely relax and have no responsibilities. I see now how lucky I was and am to have the parents I have. My dad worked so hard to make his home what it is and to build that beautiful studio. And I thought his studio was amazing when it was in the basement of mom’s house. And mom’s home is so wonderful and sweet to stay in. So many rooms to go into and have privacy, and no one to bother me. I can do downstairs and spend time with mom or Thoth and eat food. I can use the shower and bathroom whenever I need (there are 4.) I am always doing something creative, just the same as when I lived here when I was 19. I lived in this house for 14 years! I took it for granted. Now I don’t. Not anymore. Being out in the world has shown me how lucky I am. I have nothing to worry about. Nor does Thoth. I’m so happy I can give him this. A place to record all our albums. A safe home to stay in. A supportive mother and father-in-law. His mother would never do what my parents are doing for us. I am so happy.


Got to See Old Friends

Saturday December 5th 2016

7:30am wake up. Wanted to do more things in the day before we went to my old voice teacher Elizabeth and Jim’s kids vocal recital. I didn’t really want to go. I’m a homebody these days. It’s cold and rainy outside too. I spent the morning in my room acting, listening to music and cleaning up. I got a lot done. I listened to a CD of myself singing my first solo in Jazz Choir at Brentwood High School. I cried. My voice is angelic. I also cried listening to “On the Trans-Migration of Souls” by John Adams. Gorgeous. I wept like a baby.

At noon, I went downstairs to ask for breakfast from Thoth. He finished making our smoothie and oatmeal. Yummy! The best breakfast I’ve ever had. I cleaned the dishes and went back upstairs. It’s so lovely up there. Peaceful, quiet, creative and intimate. We left late for the recital. I didn’t need to sit through 20 young singers. I just wanted to see Jim and Elizabeth.

We caught the last four songs. We sat in the back and waited for everyone to leave before saying hello to Jim and Elizabeth. They’re just the same as I remember them, albeit 10 years older. Me too! We called Will, my old mentor, to tell him where we’d be going to dinner. He wasn’t sure if he could meet us. He’d let us know. We went to Publicity, a bar near their home. Will called saying he would be there soon. I was so happy!

We had a lovely dinner, and when Will arrived I flipped. He was my best friend when I was a teenager. My mentor and my singing partner. I hadn’t seen him since Thoth’s and my wedding in 2014. It was so nice to hug him and hold his hand again. I love Will so much. He’s just like Thoth. An older gentleman, elegant and a lover of music. He just turned 70! We laughed and ate and had a great time. Will is coming over for dinner on Wednesday night. That will be fun!

We went home, Mom was there.

Friday December 3rd 2016

8am wake up. Went upstairs to act and clean my room until noon. We had smoothies and oatmeal for breakfast. Later when Mom got up, I put on “Quidam” on DVD. It was amazing to see it again. I used to watch it all the time, obsessively! I went back up to my room until it was time for dinner. We went to O’Charleys with Mom. Haven’t been there in 6 years. God.